glimpse #3

here is what is happening with us right now. yep... right now.

Daddy Jed:
driving a compost truck across a farmer's field.
sweating bullets because there is no air-conditioning in the truck
I'm sure he could really use a sandwich right now.

Mommy Madeline:
sitting on the living room burgundy couch thinking about getting a babysitter for tonight
wishing her nail polish wasn't chipped
feels light headed from the last silly braxton hicks contraction

Lil Jed:
dreaming of pulling mommy's hair no doubt
sleeping in his clean crib... sheets just got washed!
his door is actually open (normally he is too light of a sleeper to allow that)

Baby Jay:
who knows, he's doing his own thing.

1 comment:

Allen Family said...

I haven't left a comment in awhile. Just wanted to let you know I'm still here reading your blog. Love all your updates! And I'm so impressed with all of the fun things you've added to your blog! Wish I knew that much about computers.

Hope your feeling good! Take care.
Love, Katie