life never goes how you want it to

Maybe it is just the time in our life right now... going through college and trying to plan the rest of our lives.  Every day it seems like we are considering a different option as far as career choices for big Jed, I don't even know when he'll graduate now...

I for sure thought Jed would land a suitable internship for his degree this upcoming semester... but instead we are going to put off the internship for a nice paying job... many thanks to the sweet family that mentioned this opportunity for us.  It will be such a blessing to be making money again!

I look at our finances and think... how in the world did our bills get paid?  

But enough of that... we are being blessed and are so grateful.

I guess I'm just trying to say... life never goes how you want it to... or maybe it turns out different than you planned- but it all works out in the end!  The Lord blesses us in unexpected ways!

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