Today has been such a long day.  Since Jed is gone so much now- (it's 7:17pm and he's STILL not home), I almost feel like a single mom during the day!  Having to do everything by myself.  Poor little Jed didn't even see his daddy today.  I really do appreciate him working for us- but it just gets hard!

It's the seven-week break here in this college town... and almost all my friends that I see regularly are gone. All but ONE!  (Thank you for being here, you know who you are!) I'M SO LONELY.

little Jed had a fever today, no wonder he was so fussy.  It was a kind of random cherry on the cake... the big, lonely, long cake.

And big Jed not being home right now... (its 7:23pm!!) is the sprinkles.

On the Cake.


Janae' said...

Oh Madeline.. My heart goes out to you girl :( But I am going to email you instead ;)

Tyler and Kelly said...

two more weeks and i will swoop in and play with you and lil jed :)