excerpts from a baby calendar

Little Jed's birthday is coming up in just 5 days!  Where has this first year gone?  I'm so excited to see him be a happy, healthy, and growing baby.

Months before Little Jed was born, we received a baby's first year calendar as a gift.  I was so happy to have a great way to record our first child's development month by month. It even has stickers that say things like first bath, first smile, and finds toes

So I want to share these precious moments with you to look back on Little Jed's first year.

October 7 2009 "you are born"  7lbs 11oz 19in

October 8 2009 "first day home" 

October 11 2009 "special day"  Baby Blessing

October 26 2009 "first smile"

November 20 2009 "first trip" Drive to Arkansas-  Baby Jed meets his Great Great Grandmother Taylor

December 25 2009 "holiday" Christmas at the John's House

January 10 2010 *Baby Jed is starting to fall asleep on his own. In his own crib!*

April 14 2010 * Drive to California-  Baby Jed meets his Great Great Grandmother Grace

June 22 2010 "fourth tooth" 

July 21 2010 "stands alone"

August 10 2010 "sleeps through night"  *Finally!  This has got to be my favorite one.

September 18 2010 "walks" 


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