"Our Little Pumpkin"

One of my sweet friends reminded me of the little pumpkin that sat outside our door last October with a blue ribbon around it saying "Our Little Pumpkin." The pumpkin was waiting on our doorstep when we came home from the hospital with Little Jed Jr.- he was only two days old then!  Now he is a year and a day!  Time flies by too fast. 
Well now you'll see that this year he is quite literally our little pumpkin!  We dressed him up and took him to the pumpkin patch.  I want to always remember this Fall... the season that we celebrated Little Jed's first birthday and anticipated the newest arrival coming in just 83 days...

Aunt Elle with Lil Jed

Shelly Duke says about this picture:  "You just can't show happy as great as baby Jed does."

If you notice... in a lot of these pictures the little guy is holding the same baby pumpkin... he just wouldn't let it go! And when we did try to take it away from him- he would cry so much! 



Cassidy said...

These pictures are priceless! I want to get some for my girl. Who did them for you? I can't believe your baby is 1! They grow up way way too fast.

The Mele's said...

I took these pictures! I'd love to take some of your little girl!

Mary said...

Oh my goodness! He is so cute!!! I can't believe how much changes in just a couple months!

Liana said...

those are great photos! Where did you go for a pumpkin patch? I wanna go to one!