a pose

Our second baby boy will be born in late December. That's coming up soon! It's already the middle of October. Okay! I'm definitely getting nervous.  However, I can do it! I have faith in myself (and in my hubby to rub my feet after a long day)
Here is a simple prego pose for you! 
29 weeks and 2 days

I agree with the other women that say the third trimester is one of the more difficult ones. I forgot how much this belly gets in the way of things.
Some examples:

I can't reach the cereal on the top shelf.
I can't see my toes while I'm standing up.
I can't bend over to tie my shoes.
Shaving my legs requires me to hold my breath. (This one makes me laugh)

However!!!  I'm soooo excited about this new life inside me.  Once he is born, it will be hard to imagine our family without him.


Allen Family said...

hahaha. i'm laughing so hard because of the shaving your legs statement. so true! funny how we forget these things when we're not pregnant. you look so great madeline! almost there!

Janae' said...

This pregnancy has gone really fast for me! :)

Terri Lindsay said...

You look stunning! Are you glowing? Hang in there.