And so we meet again...

Snow.  Yes, snow.  You come to greet us again! You know, I was enjoying the no-snow weather. However, it couldn't last forever could it?  The last time I posted about snow was April, nearly seven months ago.  And now it is back again.  I am excited about it- it means the season that Baby Jay will be born is coming soon. REALLY soon....  52 days soon- that's if I go full term.  Okay blah blah.

Next topic

Here are pictures of the
 and bottom

of a simple apron that I finished today. It really is quite lovely! (Maybe because it's made with a beautiful paisley pink!!) I definitely am no seamstress- to say so would be a stretch. But I do enjoy sewing every now and then.  I still have projects that I'm working on, such as

Baby Jay's infant car seat cover
baby blanket
and decorative pillows

But until I get them finished, you'll only get to read about them. Sorry. 

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