Baby Hungry

There are more than four of my friends that have just given birth to their babies!  After seeing all these pictures of newborn babies, I am getting really baby hungry. However, I only have 8 weeks left!  Jed lately has described my belly as a "torpedo." Not the best way to describe my growing silhouette, I feel... but still- it's true!  

Not too much longer and we'll have a little newborn of our own.  


Our Happy Family said...

Awwwww cute baby belly pictures!!! I know you have got to be counting down the days to hold your little one. I can't wait to see pictures of him when he arrives.

Mary said...

YAY! 8 weeks! That is like nothing! Time has just flown by! It feels like christmas eve sometimes though, doesn't it...12 hours just seemed so long to wait for Santa Claus when I was a little girl, I feel the same way waiting for this baby!

Liana said...

you do not look like a torpedo! wow, Jordon would have been in SOOO much trouble if he'd told me that. :) I think you look so cute! And I know, you are probably laughing and saying "right!" but rememeber when you weren't prego and saw prego women and thought "oh they are so cute!". See? I'm right. :) Miss you, call me sometime, I'd love to have you over or come over there.