Independent Playtime

Yep! So here it is!
 Mess 101.
 I mentioned in my earlier post that the lil guy goes into independent playtime.
 I put lil Jed into independent playtime everyday for at least 30 minutes in the morning before nap time. He plays by himself in his own room.  I go and check on him a lot of course, but by the looks of things, it's obvious that he loves it.  As you can see he barely plays with his toys in his toy-bin, but rather he goes straight for his clothes in his dresser.  I don't mind so much because we have so much fun singing the "Clean- Up" song to get his room back in order.  Right now it's just me singing (more like huffing and puffing because I have to bend over this gigantic belly) but occasionally lil Jed will grab a toy and start to hum along. He really likes to hum just the first two notes.  It's soooo adorable.
I love being a mom.

So there you have it! It's not as peaceful as nap time where I can concentrate on something for an hour or two. But it is a good time for me to be able to do things without a lil tyke at my heels the whole time. Often times I keep a sharp listening ear for when it goes quiet... because that is when he is being mischievous, no doubt!  Last time he went quiet, he had discovered the baby powder and was dancing around the room like a  ballerina in pixie dust.
 I just can't help but giggle about that one! (Although it was quite a mess to clean up.)


Mary said...

that is so fun! I remember walking into Caity's room and it looking just like that! It is so much fun to watch their imagination grow!

Our Happy Family said...

Such a cute little guy! I love to listen to kids play and play and just have so much fun and use their imaginations. I hope your doing great and getting ready for another addition to your cute family.