Sing along with us:

"This is the way we watch tv, watch tv, watch tv.
This is the way we watch tv, early in the morning!!!"

Okay, is this not the cutest smile you've ever seen a one year old try to do for the camera? He's actually trying to smile! I think all these months of blinding him with bright lights, he's getting it!

There I go blinding the kid again. :)

Baby Jay's turn!
almost 34 weeks!!!

Wow! This picture just doesn't do it justice. I wonder if people that look at pregnancy pictures see the back- aches too.

Everything is looking good for his arrival in just a couple of more weeks!  I hope I make it!


Allen Family said...

It's amazing how much little Jed looks like his Daddy and his Grandpa for that matter!

You look so great and believe me I feel ya with the back pain! I swear it's way more worse with your 2nd. Not sure if it's because your body already went through it and is still recovering from the last time or because even though you are "big and pregnant" (though you look phenomenal) you still have a toddler to chase after, which makes for a very tired momma!

Can't believe your almost there! Yeah! :)

The Mele's said...

I agree! Chasing after lil Jed makes things a lot more interesting (and tiring!)

Janae' said...

Both your boys are looking so big! Not you though :) Good luck girl!