First of All...

Well first of all... I have to shout it out:

Baby Jay is so ooober dooober stinkin cute!

But of course I'm biased. So... to continue:

He sleeps a lot, needs a diaper change a lot, and nurses a lot. But, thats what newborn babies are for! Right?  Thats partially what makes him so adorable.  I love his little squeal cry too...

I've had a couple people ask me the birthing story- so here it is!  Warning, you might want to read in chunks! It's kinda lengthy.

The week before I went to the hospital- everyday I would have timeable Braxton Hicks contractions. I was partially excited because with little Jed that's how it started too! However after days of them still being fake contractions and not the real ones, my excitement turned sour...

And then, some hope!  The Sunday before he was born (2 days before) I was having actual labor contractions. They started weak at 15 minutes apart. And got stronger, but farther apart.... they stopped altogether before the night started.  Monday morning I awoke to nothing.  Noon, still nothing.  Ugh! Where did they go?  So we drove to town to do our grocery shopping.  I thought maybe walking around the supermarket would get things moving... but nope.  Starting the drive home I told Jed that he should call in and say he's going to work, because obviously nothing was happening.  Right when I finished that sentence it struck!  A labor contraction- a pretty good one too!

We got home, put little Jed to bed and started a movie.   By the time the movie was done- they were only getting stronger.  I started to get excited! Then around 11'o'clock or so... I started to get nervous! Should I go to the hospital? The contractions were definitely tolerable.

We called a babysitter and drove to the hospital... not sure if I would even be admitted. I thought to myself... "Do they admit you into the hospital if your contractions are just tolerable?"

I walked up to the exam room and got checked- I was dilated to 3cm, 90% effaced, and the baby's head was stationed at -2.  I was really iffy.  The nurse went to call the doctor to get his opinion. I prayed, prayed prayed!  "Please pLEASE don't send me home..."

The nurse came in and said "Looks like we'll admit you!"

YES!  So it's almost 1'o'clock in the morning and I'm admitted.  I get an IV and lay down to go to sleep...
I wake up an hour later to find that my contractions have stopped. Completely stopped.

The nurse comes in and says "Looks like we're going to start you on Pitocin to get these contractions going again." I wasn't keen on getting Pitocin this time around, but I didn't argue.

They slowly started up the dose, and the contractions started coming on again. Boy were they strong.  I  had to stare at a bolt in the ceiling in order to concentrate. The same bolt, every 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, then 4 minutes- 30 seconds at a time.  By the way, I never knew that contractions were only 30 seconds long.  I had an epidural with little Jed, so I didn't feel anything.  Any longer than 30 seconds and I didn't think I could do it.

I was excited that I could do this. I was concentrated and determined to do this: to manage the pain and make  it through each contraction.

Then it hit. I hit the wall that everyone talks about. The "I can't do this anymore" wall. The contractions were getting so strong and had to come to only 2 minutes apart. I felt like right when one would stop, another would start.
 I called in for the nurse and asked her to check me. If I was dilated far enough, I would go on without an epidural, but if I was only say a 5 or so, I was going to get one.

She checked me and sure enough, I was just a 5.  It had taken me hours of breathing through contractions to only dilate 2 cm.  That was it. I called in for an epidural.
It seemed like it just couldn't work fast enough. By the time I was completely numb, I got checked again and had dilated to an 8. An 8!?  3 cm in less than an hour!  How come that couldn't have happened before I got the epidural?

The nurse came in 5 minutes later and checked me. I was 10cm, ready to push.  At this point it was 10:30am- I couldn't feel much, and started pushing with contractions.  With little Jed, three pushes and he was out. So I was expecting the same this time around too.  However those three pushes came and went, and Baby Jay wasn't out.  He was face up and stuck! I pushed for 30 minutes and he still was stuck! I was getting so discouraged... it's not supposed to be this hard, I thought.
Finally I was able to push him farther down until his head started to crown.  They called for the doctor and then TADA! He finally came!

Baby Jay was born 3 weeks early and weighed the same as Little Jed- he even was 1/2 an inch longer with 1 1/2 cm bigger head!  The umbilical cord was thick and healthy- which made me think I had to have done something right!

I came home from the hospital the next day, ready to go!  I'm having a fast recovery and hope to look like me again soon!  Baby Jay is a cute, healthy lil boy who is just going to be so spoiled this Christmas, along with his big brother!

Well there you have it. Sorry for the lengthy post. You can't say I didn't warn you!

I hope everyone is having fun getting ready for Christmas!


Mary said...

oh I love it! Congrats! and thanks for sharing your story, it makes me more excited to have our baby...I am so happy for you!

Terri Lindsay said...

Woohoo!!! You are wonder woman! I am so proud of you! I told you that "wall" was rough. I am so glad baby Jay is here, and your home now, and sooo glad you are recovering fast. Congrats, I can't wait to see more photos.

Heidi said...

Wow, this sounds like such a breezy birthing experience. Congrats! Hope mine are that easy someday ;)