I'm half-convinced I saw monsters over Thanksgiving Break. Jed's Grandfather loves taxidermy (making stuffed animals, lol) and so he has some of his animals all over the house.  I didn't really grow up around wild animals in the house... but if you did- maybe you'll appreciate this post.  I don't know what half these animals are... so here is my guess:

this is some type of deer

billy goat

Blitzen the Reindeer

Now let's jump to Africa:


looks like a lamb 

Definitely not a lamb

another horned animal that looks really sweet up close

the devil
( I actually know this one! It's a water buffalo)

a zebra-skin rug

this is the monster I was referring to earlier..... It's so UGLY!
Woo Pig Suie

Phew... now that that is over with, let's view some LIVE animals... outside the house.

Now it's time to play a game! (You get it, Game? Hardy har har)
This game is called Find Them Deer! There are two deer in this picture... can you find them? ( Look for ears on the right)

If you had trouble finding the second deer in the picture above... you lost.  But that's okay. You'll definitely be able to find the deer in this picture:

Aren't they so pretty when they are alive?  


Lauren and Michael said...

Madeline! This was so funny! You are so clever!

Heidi said...

Haha, this post made me giggle. That is a LOT of stuffed animals!

I spotted both deer in the picture, I think. Do I win a prize??? jk

Also, I agree, deer are so pretty when they are alive... unless they are charging at your car on the highway in the darkness. In which case, I would say, "Kill It!" (I had a deer run into the front passenger side of my jeep that was PAID for! I wasn't hurt thankfully, but the deer damaged the jeep so bad, my insurance wouldn't fix it, they said it was "totaled." I have panic attacks every time I see deer on the side of the road now, lol)