this is what Christmas is all about

This is what Christmas is all about! Seeing his face light up when he gets to open a present! He got so many fun things this year!
He got boots!
And a puppy!
And a surprise vacuum cleaner!
He has fun breaking it! (We've already had to readjust the batteries 5 times)

Isn't he just too cute!  We had such a great Christmas, I can't wait for the next one!


Thompson Family said...

Ha ha. My kids loved those little vacuums too.

Mary said...

How fun!! I need to come see you and baby Jay!! I am glad you had such a merry christmas!

Allen Family said...

Such cute pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Norma told me that she mixed up baby Jed and Shane's Christmas pjs. Haha. I was so confused when I saw size 18 months. I mean he's a big baby but not that big. :) And I'm sure you were equally confused with Jed's super small pjs. Hahaha.

Heidi said...

Precious! I love that he loves his toy vacuum cleaner. Too cute.

Erin Rial said...

Gracie got the exact same vacuum cleaner! She also got a broom! LOL She loves them!