i love you baby jed



I am so glad that I finished this cross-stitch quote... the first of many! Now I just have to frame it somehow... hmmmm think think think


*counting cross-stitch*

I feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I finish a project, however with cross-stitch, I feel accomplished just getting one word done! It's a lot of fun. I hope I can come across some cute patterns online or in stores that teach you how to do things like flowers and such. I bet I could find some if I did some digging! All I would have to do is google it! :) Thank you Gooooogle! Or if I wanted to, I could Bing it, but that doesn't sound as cool yet.

This pattern came from a book called Words of Wisdom in counted cross-stitch. I borrowed them from my mother-in-law. I bet I could find something with pretty cursive, because these quotes are mostly capital block letter. But thats ok, because they have pretty borders that come along with them. The best part about this book of patterns is that you can switch out a border with a quote... What I mean is... is if you don't like the border that goes with that quote, you can just look for a different one that you do look and switch! Of course you have to make sure they're similar sizes... but that's not hard because they are all pretty much similar. There are only 3 different sizes I think.


Well, there hasn't been very much going on lately in the Mele Manor. We're just enjoying each day. Daddy goes to school and work and baby and Mommy stay home and play together. Baby Jed's naps are becoming even smoother and smoother... there are a few rough times where he refuses, but those are few and far between. He's starting to realize even more he can grab things, and that also he can "grab" mommies attention by screaming and yelling. His yelling is very interesting indeed. Oh and when he tries to laugh (hasn't quite mastered that one yet) he tries so hard it gives him the hiccups! Very cute, indeed.

Thanks both to my mother and mother-in-law I have aida fabric, thread, needles and patterns for cross-stitching. It seems like its a dying art, however its so much fun! (and kind of addicting too). I'll post a photo of one that I'm working on right now... Its a quote of a hymn:

There is beauty all around, when there's love at home.


and the lorax lifted away

This Sunday morning before church, Big Jed read to Baby Jed the Lorax by Dr. Seuss. It was soOo sweet, I just had to get a picture. Not too long before Baby Jed will be turning the pages!


Does he like his teddi bear?

Ok ok, it's not a bear, it's a dog. But still, you get the picture! He loves to go down for his naps with it. ADORABLE! He just started doing it today, so maybe it won't stick, but if it does... I would love it! He's been such a good boy today!

I know, call me crazy, but I just started the Twilight Saga, and am almost done with the first book. It's oodles of fun! My neighbor is listening to it on tape, what a great idea!



I used to have so much fun drawing and painting... I really should pick it up again. Well, for starters- I know a little girl down the street that would love a drawing of Disney's Cinderella. And so this afternoon during baby Jed's nap (thank you!) I did a quick portrait of the Princess. I hope she likes it!

#2 Pencil, Crayon, and Colored Pencils on Drawing Paper (medium tooth)


sweet baby sitting on the couch

More tummi time and a new project!

While Baby Jed is hanging out having tummi time and being a good baby:

I decided to take initiative and paint the frames and mats of two rose paintings that I own. They are hanging in my bathroom. I was tempted to get rid of them because of how dark the frame and mat was compared to everything else in my home. But then, it dawned on me! I don't have to get rid of them, just paint over it! But then I thought 'I don't have white paint.' But then, I remembered! Jed and I painted a country shelf with white paint and there was still plenty left. There! Problem solved! And there we are, two paintings closer to a shabby chic Mele Manor.





Today for Mosaic Monday, I was looking through our wedding album, photography courtesy of Memories by Taylor and made a little collage.

Lazy Sunday Morning

I love lazy Sunday mornings. We wake up to the sun shining, not the alarm clock whining. Breakfast is made, tummies get full... stay in pajamas and play with the baby! I love my family. Aren't the Jeds just too cute together!

Ok, Update! Baby Jed for some reason(not complaining) is falling asleep so much better than before. It used to be a pain to try to convince him that it was "okay" to take a nap. He would toss and turn, wriggle and worm, and cry his little heart out.

However, these passed couple of days he just whines, looks at you- then smiles and dozes to blissful naptime. Naptime that lasts for at least an hour! Talk about a break for Maddie Mommi. Thank you, Baby Jed! (or is it the Sand Man I should be thanking.)

And great! Right when he sleeps more during the day and night, I can't sleep. Oh boy...


*Show and Tell Friday*

This week for Show and Tell Friday:

Friday Is such a happy day! I finished(sort of) a project I've been working on... its a canvas board that says "Lead thou me on" above our front door. Just a gentle reminder of Who leads our way from day to day.
If you would like to participate in Show and Tell Friday, please visit Romantic Home to learn the details!

wedding rings

I was looking at our engagement pictures and realized how much I miss my engagement/wedding ring. I did swell up a couple of ring sizes bigger during pregnancy and it still won't fit...And so I'll probably have to get it resized, or wait to fit into it again! So most of the time I go ringless, unless I wear a fake one. Better than nothing I guess!


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