Photo Cards

I made some simple photo cards for mother's day.  They turned out pretty cute!  Each time I make something, I learn something new-like what looks good, what doesn't.  I'm excited to get these in the mail in time for Mother's Day.  

Only one week left until Mother's Day Weekend!


We had a special visitor today

This little guy's name is Keagan. He's a little bit older than his friend, Baby Jed.  Keagan came over to play today for a little bit while his mommy ran some errands. Isn't he so cute! He has the prettiest blue eyes.
He is moving with his family for the summer.We'll miss you, Keagan!



The Shabby Vanity's first review!

"Madeline at the Shabby Vanity designed a button and a footer for my new blog and I LOVE it!!  She just took the look of my blogsite and just knew what I wanted.
I didn't even have to describe what I needed.  The look is perfect and is such a great addition to my site.  Other blogs have put my button on their site and I'm always so proud when I see it because it's beautiful. Thanks, Madeline. I'll be sure to come back and ask you to add some more wonderful things to my site!"

-Cindy at Simply Serve

a day in the life of baby jed

Upside down
waking up from nap
sitting in the high chair
talking in the high chair
with the crazy hair-do
doing the Big Jed cake face


new toy

Baby Jed loves his new toy from Grandpa Phil and Grandma Norma. When he hits the buttons, it sings "The Froggy on the bus goes hop hop hop..."

hop hop hop


Naked... at Church

 Why does Baby Jed look so forlorn? Well... let me share the story with you!
In Sunday School, we were holding baby Jed and saw that his pants were wet from his diaper.  So I take him into the mother's lounge to change him and remember... "Ooh... no.  I didn't bring a plastic bag if this is a dirt diaper....?" And sure enough... it was. So I deliberated... and while I was deliberating, I realized that I didn't have wipes to wipe the poo off his bum! Aagrh! So I reach over and wet some paper towels and come back ready to wipe him. Then, I notice his clothes are drenched! He peed all over himself! Double aargh.  And to top it off... I didn't pack an extra outfit.  At least I remembered an extra diaper! "Think think think..."

I changed his diaper, set the dirty stuff on the ground. Grabbed the baby, walked to the kitchen, and asked for a plastic bag.  Once I got one, I returned to the mother's lounge and put the dirty diaper in the bag.  I walked back into Sunday School to grab Big Jed, and then we were off towards home. I'm sorry, but I wasn't going to sit through church with a naked baby.
And I feel bad because I was supposed to play the Organ in Sacrament Meeting next hour, but I was able to snag someone who would fill in for me.  Poor fellow.

a funny candid...
That's better!

Have a Happy Sunday!


He was escaping bed time... so  mom decided to grab some quick shots.

Behind Bars

Is it Friday Already?

The days truly pass by too quickly when you're a busy mom. Being a mom to even one baby is a handful. There is dinner, laundry, the baby needs to be fed, groceries, finances,and if you work outside the house or at home .... so much to do!  Oh yes, and the dishes need to be done... again!  But really, every calling in life holds it's challenges. I went to visit a friend who shared such an inspiring thought with me.
The essential message was this: Enjoy Motherhood, enjoy doing the dishes, enjoy the messes  your children make. They will only be this small once!  If you dread doing chores and making your home  beautiful, if you don't look forward to taking care of the needs of your little one, then when they are all grown up... you'll look back and say "Where did all the time go? I want to go back, RE-DO!"
And so I have to catch myself! I don't want this time to disappear too quickly... so I want to savor each moment.  
Even the moments like 2:00 in the morning, and you're awake because your little one "needs" you! (those little goobers).

Need a little refresher? Here are some ideas:
 Go for a walk. The weather is wonderful. (Even where I am.)
Make a smoothie!
Open your blinds, let the sunlight in.
Listen to some fun or relaxing music.
Make a card for somebody. It's surprising how good you feel after serving someone.
Call an old friend... when is the last time you talked?
Play a game with your children. Even if it's just "make believe"

Are you thinking: "I would love to, but I don't have time for those things!" Well THAT, my friend, is why you don't have any time. You have to make time.  It's all just an attitude adjustment.  What's known to the Covey family as a paradigm shift...


first $$

YES! I made my first dollar designing someone's blog, but FIRST--- I want to tell you about our trip to California!

We drove to Sonora and stayed with Jed's parents until Monday and took family pictures... They turned out so well. I can't wait to get copies. Then on Tuesday we drove down to Ventura! It was BEAUTiFUL!  I loved the weather.  We went to flea markets, antique shops, jumped in the cold Pacific, and walked along the looong pier.
On Wednesday we drove to Moorpark and let baby Jed and Great Great Grandma Grace finally meet.
 It was so sweet! Lately Jed has been wary around strangers, but he just fell in love with Grandma Grace from square one. It was a short visit, but a sweet one! 


check it out!

Guess what!? I designed the Brittany Rae boutique Blog's background and post divider!
Yeah, I'm pretty excited. Hopefully this will open the door for more custom design orders!
What's Brittany Rae Boutique? It is a shop here in downtown that recently opened up and sells the cutest things! Check out the site to see what great deals they have going on now!

The girl that filled out the order has SUCH a cute blog called Crafty Mommy Diva and made a post about the Shabby Vanity.



Happy Half-Birthday little guy!

Wonderful Wednesday

I want to share a quick story that opened my eyes yesterday.
But first: A little back-up...

Jed lost his job... apparently his boss hired too many people and Jed didn't have his degree yet... so he was the first to go.  Or so the story goes. And so Jed is job hunting all over Rexburg... and I assumed that it would have to do with something that he is majoring in (Business- Finance). So he comes home one day from school and says, "Honey, I found a good place for me to apply."
Up to Speed? Great.

So I ask "Where?"
"Beehive Federal Credit Union," he replies. I think 'Great! He'll like working there!'
Then I ask, "What will you be doing?"
"I'm not quite sure, it didn't say very much about the job description on the website."
Okay, that's fine with me... so long as he has a job doing what he likes.
Yesterday, he gets ready to turn in the application with an amazing resume... (surely, they will at least be impressed by it.)  He puts on a suit and tie and then we're off, driving to the Credit Union...
As we are on the road I think "What if it's like a janitorial job or something?" So I voice that.
"Honey, what if it's a janitor or something?" I motion toward his overdressed suit if so...
I cut him off short "You would be the best looking janitor I have ever seen."
That made him chuckle... he didn't say anything after that.
When we pulled into the parking lot we said a prayer that this job would work out or lead us to something that would.  Then he hopped out of the car, confident- and walked inside. 
"Surely, he would get something good that pays well enough for us not to have to apply for subsidized housing. Please, Lord... please? I don't want to be poor forever."
He comes back and hops in the car, pleased.
"Well, what did they say?"
"I handed it to the lady, and she said 'I can take that, thank you.' (this wasn't the information I was looking for, ) and then she said 'Human Resources is here and I will call her so you'll know when to expect a call, just a sec.' So she dials... (come on, Jed, get to the point!) and then after the phone call she looks at me and says 'You know the only position open is janitor/snow removal.'"
I gasped! "Jed, I was just kidding about the whole janitor thing! Did you know!?" Now we are really going to be poor forever!
"Yes, honey, I thought I told you!?"
I gasped even louder again "NO! You didn't TELL me! I was just KIDDING!"
"I KNOW, but I was SE-RI-OUS!" (I think he was making fun of me at that point.)
"But Jed, a janitor?"
"Well, a jobs a job, you know?"
"Yeah, I guess. But why did you dress up so nicely?"
He didn't have an answer to that one. 
At that point I was convinced that subsidized housing was our only option... a janitor?
Oh well.

Well, that was my story. It truly opened my eyes because I thought that he was going for some high end job... but I guess it doesn't matter what he is doing so long as it provides an income for the family until he graduates.  I just was NOT expecting that. It makes me giggle now.

This is a picture of Jed when we were dating! (So cute!)  
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Someday Spring will visit us... but until then, have pity on the poor fellow. 
I think this is the third day in a row Jed has had to sweep off a mountain of snow off our car.  Such a good guy. I love him so much. He is on his way to one his last classes of the semester.

I took Baby Jed to the doctor yesterday for his six month appointment.  
Here are his stats:
Weight: 20.44 lbs  (92%)
Height: 28 inches (93%)
Head Circ.: 17.25 inches  (54%)

He also got his third round of vaccines... oh the dreaded things. I was expecting him not to cry very much. Because, last time he cried twice and was done with it... however as soon as the nurse walked in he start whimpering and definitely let us know how much it hurt to get poked. He cried and cried.. .and cried. It broke my heart. But after a half hour or so he dried up his tears and was ready for the rest of his day. After our trip to the pediactrician we went to Walmart and got TONS of baby food... But I'm sure it will dissappear in a matter of weeks.  We fed him a cracker this morning and he loved it.  We set it on his high chair and he snatched it up and chewed off a tiny piece... sucked on it and then swallowed it. Then his eyes got sO wide, then I thought:
"Oh no, he's choking!"
But then before I could even reach for him he grabbed the rest of the cracker and shoved it in his mouth and just had the best time of his life. I think I misinterpreted the look of a new found favorite food for choking. But I'm not complaining! I think we are only going to do one cracker a day until we can buy some that don't have tons of salt on it... I would hate to put his kidneys under arrest. LOL

This Friday we are leaving for sunny California... so I guess you don't have to have pity on us for much longer... And we aren't just going to Sonora, which will be cold like here. We are going down to Southern California, Ventura to be exact. We are ecstatic to soak up some sun on the beach with baby Jed. I'll be sure to take my camera so that you can see how much fun we had. 

Aunt Katie, we want to visit you!


Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!


our Friday

Can someone give this kid a bath!?

Happy Spring!

I think that Nature played her April Fool's joke a little late this year...
 We woke up to this surprise this morning... and I thought we were doing so well. I could taste spring... just around the corner...

But I guess not


a post about the baby.... again!

Baby Jed update! Tada! Do you ever get tired of them? ( I hope not... if so... just read our blog less often.) ( I really didn't mean that!)

It is hard to remember what I've already posted about him, so here goes some more repeats...


I remember...

These are just of few of my childhood memories that I wrote down the other day... I don't want to forget them.  I would like to share them with you! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

My first baby tooth knocked out!  It was my front two bottom teeth. Sunday morning before church. I was playing with my sister with a soft small orange Jetson toy ball.  I was a "doggy" with the ball in my mouth- then she yanked it out of my mouth. My teeth came with it.

In nursery at church- it was time to get a drink from the water fountain.  So I run to the water fountain in the hallway. Once I got my sip I ran back into the room.  I put my hand into the doorway near the hinges. Another girl closes the door on my middle right finger. I screamed (of course). I was taken to more than one doctor. I remember being afraid of the x-ray machine.

My first trampoline.  Sunday after church, I woke up from my nap to everyone gone.  I found the rest of the family in the backyard. My siblings were jumping on the trampoline.  I got lifted up on it.  Scared me to death!  I cried and my mom took me off.

Training wheels... Bike riding was "an important skill."   could go out to learn how to ride even when I was grounded!  I thought my dad was pushing me, holding me balanced like he always had to do- but I looked back and he wasn't there. It was exhilerating. And of course I ran into the truck.

My older sister's birthday party.  So many girls were invited- even her friend Jessica that owned all the dachsunds on the country property with the big house. We watched Snow White.  She got so many barbie dolls, all lined up on the mantle.

We had a cat.  We came home one day and it was on top of the ladder in the living room.  She would even climb in our doll house. You could see her face through the front door.

Potty training to the big toilet.  I was practicing switching from the small potty to the big kid one.  I was so nervous!  Sitting on the big kid toilet I felt like I was going to fall through.  My brother Drew and my Dad were there...  Drew said "Should we help her?" Then my Dad said "No, let her do it on her own."

Brushing my teeth with mom in her bathroom.  After we were done, she gave me a palmful of water to swish through my mouth. However, once she gave it to me, I just swallowed it.  Then my mom said "You're supposed to spit it back out, silly."

Neat, huh!? Can you remember when you were small?