a bite to eat

Baby Jed was enjoying his crackers

while I was enjoying some rasberries...

I hope you enjoyed your bite to eat too!


you stick your left foot out

Went to go check on baby Jed  for his afternoon nap.. and this is what I found.

I wish I could sleep this well!


For a walk, shall we?

Little Caity was so cute with baby Jed. At one point during our walk she offered her sippy cup to him.  It was too sweet.

Me and her mommy went on a walk together. It was quite refreshing! I love our warm weather.

Baby Jed is saying:
"I don't want a picture taken of me... "

"So take a picture of my foot instead!"

Thank you, Mary, for going on a walk with me. I enjoyed it! We should go again!


A baby dress!

I plugged in my old sewing machine to try to practice and get better at making things... however, it's so old, it just blew the circuits. And the only way to reset the circuits is if I unplug it.  And if I plug it back in... well, it just starts all over again. 

So I called a friend that actually knew what she was doing as far sewing goes. I went over and she helped me make a baby jumper dress.  I used some old fabric that my mom gave to me to practice on. This fabric was on my bed's headboard when I was in 2nd grade... so it's pretty old. :)
I hope I can get a machine that will actually let me practice and make some more cute things.  Until then, I'm at the mercy of generous friends! Thank you, Terri!

Much love,


very relaxing...

I love this statue.

Today we went walking through the Horticulture Gardens. It is such a beautiful place. There are water features and flowers everywhere.  It was actually warm outside today. It felt so nice...
Sitting by the water falls and watching the birds bathe in the streams was very relaxing.

Easy Discount

I thought I would share this opportunity with all of my family-blog readers as well!
I have started The Shabby Vanity (a blog design blog, lol)  a couple of months ago and am loving it! I recently re-designed mine... it has come a long way.

  I specialize in Custom Design work, even though there are a few free blog backgrounds on the main page.
Here are some examples of blogs that I have designed recently:

 Cute, huh!

And so for a little while, those that visit theshabbyvanity.blogspot.com and vote for their favorite free blog background, get %50 off ONE Custom Design Element.

As far as pricing goes, I haven't seen anyone that has offered lower prices than me.
My Full Blog Makeover Package costs $50... only!
Other top-designers charge well over $150.

For a smaller example... A Custom Design Header somewhere else (can't say names) cost $30!!
Mine only cost $7.


Why so cheap? I don't believe it should cost an arm and a leg to get a cute blog that reflects the purpose of why you started blogging in the first place. The look of your blog should inspire you/your readers.  Make sense?

So leave a comment here. Tell me what you think- suggestions, critique, ideas.
(Even if you think it's rude to talk about this on my family blog, lol)  

Love you all!


This is so funny to me now

Last November we visited Arkansas so everyone could meet Baby Jed.  My Dad had a Wii and Jed was automatically drawn to it. Of course I had to join in on the fun.  I think it's so funny that I was nursing at the same time. No wonder I always lost.  I can't remember what game we were playing... but it was fun. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but it is So funny to me now.

Oh before I go, I was to say two big thank you's.

Thank you, Heidi for taking pictures so that we can remember this trip.
and Thank you, Emily for helping me make the CUTEST nursing cover! (If I remember correctly you did most of the work!!!)

I'm totally doing this

I think that this is the best idea ever! Thank you Melissa at A Little Loveliness for sharing this idea!