opening presents

a quick pic with Aunt Faye!

monster pajamas for Robbie

these boys are toooooo cute

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! We're excited that Aunt Becca is home from her mission!!

Jed graduated!!!

Dear Hubby Jed, I am so proud of you. These past 3 1/2 years have been AWESOME! You are such a hard worker. Can you believe that you've graduated from college?  We started BYU-Idaho together, and now you've finished! 
You are so cute!
Oh yeah, and Happy Anniversary! So cool that you walk and get your Degree on our Anniversary! These three years have been so sweet! You have taught me so much. 
Yo wifey Madeline


Fiesta this Christmas

Yipeee! My mother found the Fiesta Ware at Kohl's on sale!  They have so many different colors, so she got these four place settings! (Tangerine, Sunflower, Lemongrass, and Turquoise)  I've only had white dishes up to this point, so this will be a fun change! Can't wait to open up this gift.

Today is our last Sunday here in Rexburg.  We'll miss you all! Just 5 more days til Jed graduates!!


Kelly's Christmas

I absolutely love the way my friend Kelly has decorated her apartment. She is SUPER crafty.  Most of these things she's made herself.  I'm in awe of it all! While our boys were playing together, I snapped some quick photos and compiled these collages for her. 
Absolutely. positively. in.love.with.them.
Hooray for Nikon and Photoshop!!!!!  We were a good team today!


Graduating from BYU-Idaho

At the end of Jed's undergraduate school, he's graduating NEXT WEEK! He's getting his Bachelors in Business Management-Finance. I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard.  Tonight we went to Grad Night.  It was such a strengthening meeting. I'm so glad we went together.  We learned and were reminded of so many great things tonight.  We were taught by President Clarke 3 things,
  1. We'll be an answer to someone's prayer
  2. We'll be a light to the world
  3. and We will rise above and continue to build the kingdom of God
We are so blessed to have attended Brigham Young University- Idaho. The Lord is doing great things here, and I can't wait to go out and share with everyone what I've learned here.  
This picture will be a jewel that we'll cherish for years to come.  In this picture (left to right) is President Kim B. Clarke, me, Jed, and Vice President Henry Eyring.   Pres. Clarke is a very successful businessman that has been called to lead BYU-Idaho to success. He turned down the position of Dean of Business at Harvard University to serve here at BYU-Idaho. He also is member of the Quorum of the Seventy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.   Vice Pres. Eyring is the son of Elder Henry B. Eyring, an Apostle for the church. He also serves as a Stake President in one of the Single Student Stakes here at BYU-Idaho.  He shared many stories about his father, and it was obvious how much he loves and looks up to him.  These men are instruments in the Lord's hands. They are working their best to build the Church and to build BYU-Idaho to greatness. 

So here we are. Sitting in the Taylor Chapel up on campus where Grad Night was held. We met on the first day of freshman orientation, held here- in the same chapel.  We've grown so much together in the past 3.5 years.
We're companions for eternity, ready to go out in the world together and make a difference!
One thing I'll miss the most about Rexburg is the Temple here.  I love this temple. It's where we were married.  In the temple we worship God and learn about his plan for us. It's a beautiful place that everyone should aspire to visit.  There are 137 working temples around the world!! The closest one to where we'll be in Arkansas is Memphis, TN.  I'm sad that I won't be able to look out my window and see the temple up on the hill. 

It's a bittersweet goodbye. I can't believe that we'll be leaving this wonderful place. But we're excited to go out and do some good. :)

Lil Elf

I say "Lil Elf," Dad says "Santa's Terror"
He's so wiggly! Doesn't stop for nothin!! (He is also in need of a haircut, LOL) 
He is learning letters, numbers, and basic words. I am so proud of him. He picks up new words everyday.  Some lately are snack, drink, diaper, and yuck.

We're excited to be with Nanner and Pops this Christmas!

7 days!

This little guy will be a 1 year old in just 7 days. I can't believe it. He still looks like a baby to me!  He moves so quick, it's hard to capture a sharp picture with enough light, but I just had to share the blurry ones, they crack me up!!!  I love this little man.  He makes my heart go "Smile!"

Read more posts about Robbie.


Raising Toddlers

He is my sunshine! My one of three sunshines. 
He makes me happy when skies are gray. 
He'll never know how much I love him.
But for now, I guess that's okay.  

This little munchkin makes my heart swell!
He is almost a 1 year old. 
I barely believe that I have a 2 yr old, and a 1 yr old.  Wow! I'm grateful for my boys, that's for sure.  
They make life heaven on earth. There are tough times, and I'm not a perfect mom. But, I'm trying the best I know how to do. There are so many good books about parenting that I love to read.  Here are just a few:

I don't always have the best answer of how to apply the principles from these books with my toddlers.  But knowing them and starting it now will ensure a better habit for the future!  I hope. ;)

What books do you like to read that help you raise your children?


Ol' friends, and some good ol' advice

I'm excited to go get me some KiwiLoco frozen yogurt tonight.  I'm going with some ol' friends from Arkansas.  My friend Natalie, and her cousin Kaylee. They are both dear friends that I love!  In fact Kaylee's mom and my mom were friends when they were in high school! How fun! 
They are always so fun to be around!

Jed is still earnestly looking for a job. We have a couple of leads and hope that they pull through.  The thing about getting an interview, is you really have hardly any control. (Especially if you don't have anyone to network with.)  We do the best we can {such as a shiny resume and fool-proof cover letter}  but the rest is up to where-ever we are applying.  He is graduating with a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Finance.  He graduates in just 1 month! ONE?  Wow.  It will be sad to leave this fun college town {that is super cold(like 33 degrees cold)} but we're happy to keep moving on in life. It's interesting to see how much we've grown and what we've learned.  Here are some things I've learned while being poor college students and parents:
  • how to cook dried beans
  • how to cloth diaper
  • how to walk everywhere when we run out of gas
  • how to change our own car-oil
  • how to give to others when we have so little
  • how to shop at thrift stores
  • how to save money  (ha! we're not the best at this, still learning!)
  • how to be all entrepreneur -ish 
I'm not kidding! We've learned so much. We are so young, and will continue to learn.  Can you imagine, when we're old, how much we would have accumulated in our brain? No wonder old people forget.  So much is shoved into their brain, some things start falling out!    What's really cool is that Jed (hubby) is learning how to save and invest money, the right way!  I'm excited to apply these principles to our life so that managing money isn't such a mystery.  I watched a funny skit from SNL with Steve Martin, it's this: 

Seriously? How true is this skit? How many times have I tried to buy something I can not afford?  Hmmm....
But I am getting better! Especially with the advice from this book:
One thing this book engrains in my brain is:  "A part of all I earn is mine to keep."  Not mine to spend, but mine to keep. SAVE. at least %10 of what you earn.   Why would someone ever just save their money?  When I got money as a little girl, the first thing I did was buy another beanie baby to add to my collection.

But now- I know better.  Of course I can't save all the time.  It seems like bills eat up my entire savings every 3 months or so. But I'm in college!  Soon hubby will have a steady job and bills will be controllable(if our spending is under-control).

If there is anything I've learned so far in my short life, it's live more simply.  Because:



lil Jeddie

He's playing with the same toys I played with when I was little:  like all my beanie babies!!  Did you play with those when you were little? 
I remember keeping the tags on used to be so important to me, but now I don't even think twice about ripping off the tags so my boys can play with them safely.
I <3 my boys


Halloween Party

The Schuerchs threw such a FUN party last Saturday! Some reasons it was awesome:
  • homemade candy
  • pumpkin carving
  • festive music
  • chocolate red velvet cupcakes
  • cute costumes
  • fun decorations
  • "boiling" sprite

Our actual Halloween Day was pretty lame. Haha. Our car battery died and it took FOREVER to get it changed. The old battery was rusted and had to be sawed out of the car. Yeah. Sawed.  It was pretty pitiful.

But. It's better now!


All Hallow's Even

Did you know that Halloween used to be called "All Hallow's Even?"  Heh. Who knew. 

I cherish this time of year.  The end of summer, sweet treats with the boys, and fun movies to watch at night with the hubby. 
We went to a Halloween party last Saturday night at the Schuerchs  and it was too fun. They made all the candy and treats! We carved pumpkins too! It was awesome. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them! Can't wait to go the Woolley's for their Halloween get-together. 

Looking for a quick, cheap, and easy Halloween treat?  Budget Savvy Diva gave me this GREAT IDEA!
They are Frankenstein Pudding Cups.  Green dye in vanilla pudding with crushed up oreo on top! Then just draw on Franky faces  {sorry mom} with permanent marker.
Too cute, too fun! and too EASY!!  So you have no excuse not to make them right?


Hilary Weeks- "Beautiful Heartbreak"

This song speaks to me so much. I'm sure everybody can relate to this song. Some more than others?

Make sure that you are thankful for what you have. You have so much!


Man-eating Bunnies

Today was an ADVENTURE! We went to a straw maze, pumpkin patch, and petting zoo!
We had so much fun together!

I seriously got lost.  Not even kidding. I think I was in there for 3 years actually. 

But I made it out just in time to see Robbie playing with the pumpkins.


Robbie got stuck!
This llama was very wise. He just sat there. And stared at me. The WHOLE time.

There were piggies, horsies,
And bunnies. Lil Jed was a tad-bit intimidated by the man-eating bunny.

It's almost Halloween! muWAHhaHAhaHA


I turn away for one second...

I turn away for one second... {Okay. It was more like 20 seconds} and this is what happens!
Purple crayon on the floor. Purple crayon on the bookshelf. Purple crayon on Robbie's arm. Purple crayon on the chair.  And Purple crayon on the table.

Can you tell how proud he is? We left right away to go stock up on Magic Erasers.

We just laugh!