This past week

Hubby's parents came to visit and it was a lot of fun having them around this past week.  They were so in love with Robbie- it was so cute. I mean, who couldn't? Look at this cute face!

This week we discovered lil Jed's favorite thing to do... play in the snow!!  He would stay out there for hours if we let him... but it's a wee bit too cold for that.
Last Sunday was Robbie's blessing day. It was so sweet to spend time with family. Don't you love it when there are so many cameras you don't know which one to look at? That was us!! In this picture it's obvious that lil Jed is not a fan of holding Robbie... hahahhah!

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Our Happy Family said...

I think Jed looks a lot like his daddy, and Robbie looks a lot like you.
When you planning to bring your sweet babies down here to visit??? :)