Why boys are so much fun!

 Lil Jed got megablocks for Christmas- and it is so much fun to see big Jed and lil Jed playing together. Together they build:

Scorpions preying on unsuspecting mice,
Squeak squeak

Horsies that stick their tongues out,
 And lions with attitude.
 Believe it or not, lil Jed is pitching another fit...

 While Robbie (baby Jay) is swinging safely in his swing.
 Okay... now isn't this face pitiful?  Jed is 15 months old and all he does is whine all day long. Ask my mother- she came to visit recently and I felt like that's all Jed did while she was here. Whine for this, whine for that...  cry cry cry, pitch a fit!
Big Jed and I are desperate for a solution! Did anyone else have this problem with their one year old, or maybe when they introduced a new child into the family?


Allen Family said...

Totally normal behavior. He's adjusting, just as you all are, to having a new baby in the home. He'll grow out of it soon. What's nice about newborns is that they sleep a lot. That way you can make that time all about you and baby Jed. I'm sure you're doing a great job. Just give it some time. :)

We love mega block. They have provided hours of entertainment for all our kids.

Good luck with everthing. I feel your stress. Trust me, it gets better! :)

jennifer rogers said...

oh madeline,
it's a phase and an annoying one at that! I remember Brock throwing fits and fighting me over every little thing! He whined and fussed all the time, it could be teething, it could simply be his way of communicating, his whole little world has been turned upside down with the new addition and it will take some getting used to on his part. I can remember never wanting to take him to the park or anywhere with other kids for fear of him hitting someone. My best advice is to show him lots of love and positive attention and just keep repeating this mantra in your head, "this too shall pass!" good luck, you are a great mommy!

Thompson Family said...

Good Luck, Love em and let them be little. They are gone soo fast!

Heidi said...

Looks like I would fit right in! I love playing with blocks :)

Love yous!!

Liana said...

Ethan still whines and pitches fits alot at 2 1/2, but it's getting better as he learns to talk and let me know what he's wanting. Still tough though! Most days I just can't take it for very long and I lose my temper more than I want to admit. :) Hang in there!