I finally got around to it!

It seems like it takes me forever to get to the projects that I have planned. 
It probably has something to do with kids, work, and school...
but I should still be able to get to it don't you think? The first project on my to-do list was
to cover the pillows that come with the couches I ordered. You know 
how they come with the standard "designer" pillows... well that designer just "designed" them a little too ugly for my tastes. So I replaced them with a beautiful fabric I 
found at a lovely craft store here in town. Replaced as in just covered with 
a simple envelope pillow case... but it sure does make a difference!

I love it... it's so me!  Our living room sure has come a long way! 


Allen Family said...

I love it! We are actually redoing our living room with those same colors. Great minds think alike. :)

Natalie and Jared said...

Your living room is gorgeous! Love the colors!

Liana said...

SOOOOOO PRETTY! I'm in love and drooling over your living room. :) Nice job on the colors and the fabrics and everything, beautiful!

The Shabby Vanity said...

Thanks you guys! I love it too... blues and browns are so fun!

Brady & Kelsey said...