Valentines Day is 4 Days away!

Grandma sent these beautiful sweaters in the mail for Valentines Day! They are sooo cute! I love the little puppies on them! Don't you?  It looks like they'll fit for a while!!!

He is pointing saying "baby... babeeeeee...."

I was surprised by how well Jed was holding Robbie Jay. I think he really loves his baby brother! I love his baby brother, too hehheeh!  He's really chunking up!


Heidi said...

Oh, I love it! Those two brothers are the best ever!

Allen Family said...

These have got to be the cutest pictures ever! Keep 'em coming! :)

The Shabby Vanity said...

Sharon sent the sweaters... such a great idea, don't you think?

Heidi- they will be best friends, I bet!

Mary said...

You have such handsome boys!

Our Happy Family said...

Cute pajama's, but even cuter boys!!! :)