Handy Helper

I just can't tell you how much I love this little man. He cracks me up, melts my heart, pulls my hair, and gives me hugs.  

He loves helping me. He throws away diapers, does laundry, puts away clean dishes, even puts dirty dishes in the sink!
And when I'm folding laundry he sits down and pulls the socks out of the basket and hands them to me one by one.  "Ah duh? (grabs another) aaaaah Duh!? (then grabs another) on dun." 

He doesn't say very many words... just babbles.  He says distinctly   Baby, Hi, Ouch, Mama, and Dadda
He babbles  All Done (on dun)  Robbie (obbie)  Here (heeee?)

He turns 18 months on the 7th of April. WOW! He's growing too fast! Can someone come lasso him down to maybe slow him down a little?


Heidi said...

that is the sweetest! I bet it just warms your heart to hear his babbling!

Mary said...

It is crazy- I wasn't even pregnant with Johnny when Caity was that old- girl! I don't even know how you do it! I am happy for you though- being a mom is awesome. We need to get together...