Long Overdue

Update is long overdue... after reading through my recent posts... I realize that I haven't really posted anything but pictures and a few words teehee. Not that people read that much anyways. Right?

The Hubster: Jed--- currently playing Lego Harry Potter on the PS3
He's totally diggin his new job with Niebaur Properties here in town.  It's small just starting up. Good experience.  He's going to be managing a couple of buildings downtown, one of which includes a salon. Hopefully the salon will be up and running within a month.  It's so exciting!  He's still in school and will start his internship with this company as soon as the Summer Semester starts.  
He's been exercising for his Fit for Life class and has lost weight! Not that he was that chubby to begin with, but with all the icecream he's been eating...

Wifey Poo: Madeline {me!}--- currently digesting a Cold Stone "Thats How I Roll" Icecream Cone
I put wifey poo because I'm pooped! So tired... baby Jay (we call him Robbie) hasn't been sleeping as well so I am up more at night.  This summer I'm going to be playing my viola in a Chamber Ensemble.  It can vary from semester to semester but mostly consists of string instruments such as other violinist, cellists and maybe a pianist here or there. It will be fun to make some beautiful music together. (and get out of the house for an hour or two a week!)  I'm also taking some other online classes. So that should keep me busy too.  On top of work as a blog designer and stay at home mommy, SHEESH

Whiny Baby: Jed Jr.--- currently dreaming about my iPod no doubt
He is 18 months on the 7th of this month.  He has all of his teeth!  He weighs 28ish pounds.  SO cute.  He loves playing outside now that it's a lot warmer. It actually got to 65 degrees today! He loves playing with my iPod touch.  He knows a few words and goes to bed at 7:00PM every night. He doesn't wake up at night anymore!! He wakes up at 7 on the dot everrrrry morning! He drinks goats milk because he's allergic to cows milk and is sensitive to soy.  Crazy! I never thought that any of my children would be allergic to milk... I love it!  He would break out in hives and have diarrhea any time he has cow product. Weird.

The Cutest Baby EVER!: Robert--- filling up his diaper while he sleeps
We actually call him Robbie. My sister in law said she would call him Robbie and it just kind of stuck.  It suits him.  He has green/brown eyes with a tint of strawberry in his blonde hair. It's sooo precious. Chunky cheeks and all!  He wakes up twice at night for nursing and looOooves to smile and coo.  Jed never smiled this much!  He already grabs toys and trys to roll over by kicking his feet.  He's sooo good at it! I can't believe he's almost 4 months old!

Well talk about a wordy post. Its been long overdue. Sorry!

Jed's brother Jake is getting married in TWO WEEKS! California here we come!

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