Hair Troubles

Yes yes I know I'm not Reese. But I'm having hair troubles. I can't decide if I want to continue the process of growing out my hair or if I should chop it.
I'm inbetween medium and long right now. I'm almost there.... ugh! I can't decide.
Last time I went to get my hair done I said I would wait to decide. After more than a month of thinking about it... I'm more inclined to do it.

Long hair- beautiful, versatile, stringy, get's pulled ALOT
Medium hair- sporty, manageable, leaves me with the "one or the other" feeling, still gets pulled
Short hair- fun, an a-line is less work, lose the beautiful long hair, takes forever to grow back.

Any suggestions?

Speaking of Reese, she's in the movie Water for Elephants. Anyone seen it?

Life can get a little Hectic

  Well, we moved into a house.  Why? Because it's soo cute! It has a lot of space and is ooober doober messy because of the move. I'll post pictures when we're all settled and have the place decorated.
All of our appliances are here and installed thanks  for my handy hubby.  Can't thank him enough. He works so hard!

But... how can life get a little hectic? Let me explain.
We used to live in a wonderful apartment. Had GREAT neighbors, can't complain.  And then.... dun dun dun-  the floor drain clogged and decides to back-up bath, toilet, and sink water all from underneath our washing machine which is right in the middle of the apartment. Not just our waste water, but the other apartment above us too. Gross.
Water runs into the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen. And there my child is playing in it!

Ugh. It happened once and that was enough. But by the time we moved out- it had happened three more times that day. We ran out of towels the last time and just said "to heck with it"

But how did we just happen to be able to move into this cute house?  We had been looking into buying it for quite some time now and were planning to make the move tomorrow.  But, as fate has it, we went a week early.  We are just renting it for now.;m
The week early move meant no kitchen for a few days, and no internet until today.  Talk about feeling helpless. Refrigerator just arrived today.  If you've never gone without a refrigerator for more than a day (with kids)- trust me, it can be pretty frustrating stupid crazy ... interesting.

Couldn't have done it with all of our friends and family. Thanks!


Robbie's Appetite

Jed's trying to eat salad and Robbie looks like he wants some!
This lil guy cracks me up! He gets so hungry sometimes! He definitely loves his rice cereal.


Dear Blog,

(I just pulled my hair back.... that's not a good sign.)

Okay. It's 2:54PM on a Monday. I'm sooooo tired of staring at the computer screen all day but just thought I would put in a few words.

Dear Blog,

I want to go to Jamaica too. My friend went there. Does she realize how lucky she is?
My other friend cancelled coming over to my house. I wish she had come!
Both my boys are napping.  Why am I spending my time writing to you? I should be taking a shower.
I'm thinking about getting hair extensions. I miss my long hair.
My hubby's at some meeting.  He left 2 hours ago. I haven't moved an inch since he's left.
I'm sooo excited to go to Zumba tonight.
Baby Robbies grunting himself awake. So I better go.

Talk to you later!


In love...

Couldn't help but do some "browser" shopping while the kids nap.

ugh. I'm such a dork.



This video isn't exciting... but I think it's so fun that he is playing with play-doh and I caught him babbling. He doesn't say words but he sure is trying!

The Park

Little Jed loves the park. He can't get enough of it. We went today, yesterday, and the day before! These pictures are from a couple of days ago. We went to park with Ashton and her little baby Carson. Carson will be turning One year old sooo soon! I grew up with Ashton. It's so fun that we're here together. She's my neighbor!

Swinging on the swings

Ashton and Carson
Jed loved stealing everyone's basketball, soccerball, and volleyball.


looking back

Looking back to see how cute we were! From left to right- my sister Lauren, brother Drew, and chubby ole me. If we ever have a girl I wonder what she'll look like. Mom always dressed us so cute!




These three women in the picture (besides Jed) are first my grandmother, second me, and third my mother.

My Grandma. Crazy Beautiful Lively Energetic. The perfect hostess. She can make any space beautiful.  A real firecracker.  You can hear her laugh across the whole house. Can't get enough of her.

Me.  Peculiar Talkative Anxious Talented.  Can accomplish anything I put my mind to.  I try to make people smile.  You can hear my laugh/snort from across the whole house too.  Wish I could live in Jane Austen's time period for a day. I'd fit right in.

My Mother.  Caring Comforting Lovely Inspiring.  There aren't enough positive words to describe her.  She taught me how to read, tie my shoes, get back up after you fall down, and reach my goals.  I love you, Mom.

Okay, I just want to say that we're not all perfect-- it's like that saying goes:

We may not have it all together. But together we have it all.

Let's please not forget Sharon, my wonderful Mother-in-Law.   You always hear crazy stories about in-laws and how they can be so hard to get a long with...?  Well I couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law.  She is so sweet, steadfast, and smart.  I've only been a part of the family for 2 1/2 years and I've already learned so much from her.  I can't wait for the years to come as we get to know eachother better.  She did a terrific job raising her children, especially her son!

I love you all!

Mother's Day Texas-style

We do try.

This is a friend I grew up with! It's so fun that we're able to
grow old together too (not that being a mom makes you old...) We're neighbors now.
We're still young.

But this is a good way to die faster.

We decided that Saturday night would be our fun date night for Mother's Day. We went to Texas Roadhouse... yummy!

Happy Feet

This lil munchky loves his toes.


Tickle Time

Brighten your day any?


They love being together. It's so cute! They laugh and giggle together, scream and whine together... they even sometimes sleep at the same time too!  Boy is that nice.  Like right now actually! 

oh... we buzzed lil Jed's hair.  Cute huh?