Dear Blog,

(I just pulled my hair back.... that's not a good sign.)

Okay. It's 2:54PM on a Monday. I'm sooooo tired of staring at the computer screen all day but just thought I would put in a few words.

Dear Blog,

I want to go to Jamaica too. My friend went there. Does she realize how lucky she is?
My other friend cancelled coming over to my house. I wish she had come!
Both my boys are napping.  Why am I spending my time writing to you? I should be taking a shower.
I'm thinking about getting hair extensions. I miss my long hair.
My hubby's at some meeting.  He left 2 hours ago. I haven't moved an inch since he's left.
I'm sooo excited to go to Zumba tonight.
Baby Robbies grunting himself awake. So I better go.

Talk to you later!



Heidi said...

Love it! It's neat to know that others have the same thoughts running through their heads too :)

Tyler and Kelly said...

You deserve to go somewhere just the two of you! Put money away and plan something! :)

I sure miss you.