Hair Troubles

Yes yes I know I'm not Reese. But I'm having hair troubles. I can't decide if I want to continue the process of growing out my hair or if I should chop it.
I'm inbetween medium and long right now. I'm almost there.... ugh! I can't decide.
Last time I went to get my hair done I said I would wait to decide. After more than a month of thinking about it... I'm more inclined to do it.

Long hair- beautiful, versatile, stringy, get's pulled ALOT
Medium hair- sporty, manageable, leaves me with the "one or the other" feeling, still gets pulled
Short hair- fun, an a-line is less work, lose the beautiful long hair, takes forever to grow back.

Any suggestions?

Speaking of Reese, she's in the movie Water for Elephants. Anyone seen it?


Brady & Kelsey said...

I once was in that same spot...and I chopped it off. And to be completely honest - I HATED IT! I wanted my long hair back more than anything. You'll look great with whatever you choose but choose wisely so you don't end up feeling like I did. :(

Heidi said...

Love reese with both lengths. I don't think I've seen you with that short of a chop, but I bet you'll look super cute. Just depends on how attached you are to having long hair. If you would be unhappy waiting about a year for it to grow then I wouldn't chop it off!

Jake & I went to see WFE last week; it was moderate good. Chemistry was lacking between the two main characters big time, but it was a great story. It is def worth seeing on the big screen. Very scenic and breath-taking shots.