Life can get a little Hectic

  Well, we moved into a house.  Why? Because it's soo cute! It has a lot of space and is ooober doober messy because of the move. I'll post pictures when we're all settled and have the place decorated.
All of our appliances are here and installed thanks  for my handy hubby.  Can't thank him enough. He works so hard!

But... how can life get a little hectic? Let me explain.
We used to live in a wonderful apartment. Had GREAT neighbors, can't complain.  And then.... dun dun dun-  the floor drain clogged and decides to back-up bath, toilet, and sink water all from underneath our washing machine which is right in the middle of the apartment. Not just our waste water, but the other apartment above us too. Gross.
Water runs into the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen. And there my child is playing in it!

Ugh. It happened once and that was enough. But by the time we moved out- it had happened three more times that day. We ran out of towels the last time and just said "to heck with it"

But how did we just happen to be able to move into this cute house?  We had been looking into buying it for quite some time now and were planning to make the move tomorrow.  But, as fate has it, we went a week early.  We are just renting it for now.;m
The week early move meant no kitchen for a few days, and no internet until today.  Talk about feeling helpless. Refrigerator just arrived today.  If you've never gone without a refrigerator for more than a day (with kids)- trust me, it can be pretty frustrating stupid crazy ... interesting.

Couldn't have done it with all of our friends and family. Thanks!

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Heidi said...

Wow! Looks really cute from what I can see. CONGRATS!!