These three women in the picture (besides Jed) are first my grandmother, second me, and third my mother.

My Grandma. Crazy Beautiful Lively Energetic. The perfect hostess. She can make any space beautiful.  A real firecracker.  You can hear her laugh across the whole house. Can't get enough of her.

Me.  Peculiar Talkative Anxious Talented.  Can accomplish anything I put my mind to.  I try to make people smile.  You can hear my laugh/snort from across the whole house too.  Wish I could live in Jane Austen's time period for a day. I'd fit right in.

My Mother.  Caring Comforting Lovely Inspiring.  There aren't enough positive words to describe her.  She taught me how to read, tie my shoes, get back up after you fall down, and reach my goals.  I love you, Mom.

Okay, I just want to say that we're not all perfect-- it's like that saying goes:

We may not have it all together. But together we have it all.

Let's please not forget Sharon, my wonderful Mother-in-Law.   You always hear crazy stories about in-laws and how they can be so hard to get a long with...?  Well I couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law.  She is so sweet, steadfast, and smart.  I've only been a part of the family for 2 1/2 years and I've already learned so much from her.  I can't wait for the years to come as we get to know eachother better.  She did a terrific job raising her children, especially her son!

I love you all!

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