String Quartet and Scarves

From left to right: Linda, Naomi, Kiara, & ME!

My string quartet thought it would be fun to perform with scarves in our concert. Call us dorks. Whatever- we thought we were cool. 

This pic lets you in on my new mishap hair-do too... its slowly growing on me.

Let downs...

This is how I feel today.  By the way, this pic is of little Jed last December in his elf outfit (WOW! He looks different!)

But back to how I feel... (*tear*sniffle*sniffle*)

Yesterday morning we found out that big Jed doesn't have a job anymore.  Done, fired, let go, kabam.
So... it's kind of devastating. Yep.  Why was he let go? Because we were in the process of buying a house, then expenses came up that we knew we wouldn't be able to handle with a mortgage- so we turned out at the last minute. 
Oh did I mention that the person trying to sell us the house was Jed's boss?  hmmmm I'm starting to see a connection here. 
A quick clarification: Jed's boss tried to get us to buy a house from him. We said no. Jed gets fired.

But here is the doozy-  our old apartment's floor drained flooded our apartment, three times- so fed up, we moved out into the house we thought we were going to buy.  Set up a rent contract with Jed's boss.  Our old apartment manager is still demanding all the rent until that contract ends.  So here we are. Paying two rents.  With hardly any income.

Hence the tears and sniffles.

There is a bright side to every story, right?  Tomorrow evening we leave for the Tait Family Reunion and Disneyland!  We'll be gone for a week and will be able to have fun together as a family and get our minds off of this big let down.


The Morning Sunshine

This morning Robbie and I woke up to such a beautiful morning sunshine! ( I particularly think that Robbie IS the sunshine.... but that's just me!)  He actually sleeps through the night now!

Just a few fun portraits to start out the day.


Primary Colors

Pose for the camera!

I did not dress him. This was all his doing.  Well. Sort of.
I was on the phone and he wanted to go outside... so he started bringing me shoes and a tie... ?

When he finally was outside, I took a good look at him- This is what my son was wearing. And he looked absolutely silly!


The Map of the World, according to Facebook

I just saw this, and I thought it was too crazy not to share.

"The above map of the world, drawn by Facebook data structuring intern Paul Butler using connections between 10 million Facebook friends (full-size link), is interesting enough in itself until you realize that all of the country borders are entirely drawn using Facebook friend connections too. Even if the world was dark and totally unmapped, Facebook could produce a remarkably good approximation of most of its continents’ boundaries, and even the borders of some countries."  - GeekoSystem



Jed loves teaching Robbie how to crawl.

He also makes the silliest faces! He cracks me up.  He says random words like cookie, bird, cracker, car, night, Daddy, popscicle(I think that one was a freak accident), Mama, little baby, & apple. He mainly just babbles jibberish though.
He knows how to do inflection... by the pitch of his voice you can tell he's asking a question.
He folds his arms and bows his head for family prayer. (So sweet!)

Speaking of pitch, he loves to throw tantrums. Yesterday at the grocery store he wanted to play with the bouncy balls but it was time to go, so I said No. Right there in the middle of the main aisle he threw himself on the ground and started kicking and screaming. I turned the other direction and acted like I was reading a magazine. People stared, of course.  But after a couple of seconds he stopped, stood up, and said "Mama?" All I could do was smile.

Robbie munchky is the sweetest ball of sunshine you'll ever come across.  His hair is absolutely precious! It's the whitest blonde I've seen in my family. We're not quite sure where he got it from.  He's seven months now and is trying to learn how to sit up and crawl.  He's almost got it.   I'm still nursing him... but that's got to stop soon because he has two teeth.  Yep, it hurts. He doesn't sleep through the night yet.  He goes down at 7:30ish and wakes up at 7:00am.  Normally during the night he wakes up at 10:00pm, 2:00am and 4:00am.

We're trying to get Robbie onto a bottle, but I feel like we've hit a roadblock.  He'll take it for about 2 minutes then he's done. It's really random when he decides to drink from it. It's fairly obvious that he'd much rather nurse--- so that makes it all too easy to give-in and deal with the biting. UGH

With lil Jed I weaned him cold turkey.  Once we found out a formula he could digest, it was smooth sailing.  With Robbie, the formula's not the problem--- he's just stubborn.  Any ideas?


Our 4th of July

My husband, Jed, his parents came over to visit! We all drove down to 
Great Grandma's house for a few days.

We drove the Gator,
Floated the river
And played in the little whale pool.

We have had such a fun weekend!
We did a lot more fun things, but I've got to get those pictures first. teehee