Let downs...

This is how I feel today.  By the way, this pic is of little Jed last December in his elf outfit (WOW! He looks different!)

But back to how I feel... (*tear*sniffle*sniffle*)

Yesterday morning we found out that big Jed doesn't have a job anymore.  Done, fired, let go, kabam.
So... it's kind of devastating. Yep.  Why was he let go? Because we were in the process of buying a house, then expenses came up that we knew we wouldn't be able to handle with a mortgage- so we turned out at the last minute. 
Oh did I mention that the person trying to sell us the house was Jed's boss?  hmmmm I'm starting to see a connection here. 
A quick clarification: Jed's boss tried to get us to buy a house from him. We said no. Jed gets fired.

But here is the doozy-  our old apartment's floor drained flooded our apartment, three times- so fed up, we moved out into the house we thought we were going to buy.  Set up a rent contract with Jed's boss.  Our old apartment manager is still demanding all the rent until that contract ends.  So here we are. Paying two rents.  With hardly any income.

Hence the tears and sniffles.

There is a bright side to every story, right?  Tomorrow evening we leave for the Tait Family Reunion and Disneyland!  We'll be gone for a week and will be able to have fun together as a family and get our minds off of this big let down.


Shawn said...

So sorry to hear the news about Jed's job! I know being with the fam at the reunion will be a most welcome diversion. Sending lots of love and prayers your way for much brighter days!! The Price Fam

Heidi said...

Oh Maddie, I am so sad to hear this. That is so shady of Jed's boss/employer. I wish y'all a wonderful break in Cali, and hope that when you guys return it will be with many more blessings. Love you all!

Rachel P. said...

I know everything will get better! Just a bump in the road, right? I'll be praying for you.

Tyler and Kelly said...

I had no idea. I am SO glad you got to get out of ID and got to be with Jed (big one) and hang out. I kept thinking you should of updated your blog but it never showed on the side of my blog it was updated. Hope you're hanging in there. I miss you!