Disneyland, one of my favorite places!

Disneyland was just what we needed. It was so magical! Little Jed loved it, Robbie even loved it- and of course I LOVED it! It was my first visit too. Big Jed has always enjoyed it, too. 

This photo cracks me up.  Mainly Jake's face actually.   They were waving good-bye because they were about to ride on the Jungle Cruise of Death. I added that last part, sounded more interesting.
The magical Dumbo ride was a must photo-op.   I felt like a kid again.
Have you ever played those "Where's Waldo" games?  If so, Where is Madeline and lil Jed?
There were sOo many people. Apparently other people like this place as much as I do.

One of the MANY things I love about Disneyland is the detail. D stands for DETAIL. I can't get over all the nooks and crannies that carried the theme of all the rides.  Most theme parks I've been too don't care about all the corners and ceilings... but Disneyland does.  Every wall was textured, even every trash-can was themed!  A+  for sure.

There were obvious times that I felt like it wasn't worth it because of the boys screaming in the hotel room when they (and we) were supposed to be sleeping. And don't even get me started about the 13+ hour drive. But, that put aside- one of the best vacations ever.

A big thank you to Jim, Sharon, and Suzi for making that trip possible!

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