Absolute Love

I absolutely love this young man. (This time I'm talking about the man, not the baby. Although I do love the baby, too.)  He makes life such a sweet journey.  A wonderful dad, a great cook as of recent, and an adoring husband. 

But sometimes... we just don't get along.
I like bananas, he can't stand the smell of them.
He loves sci-fi, it kind of gets on my nerves.
I enjoy music theory, he just laughs at me.
He follows the stock market, I'm like... what?

Here's a recent scenario for you:
"Jed, where's the iPod?"
-"I don't know."
"You had it last, where did you put it?"
-"I didn't have it last, check in the bedroom. Or, I put it on the desk."
"Jed, it's not on the desk. You were taking the video with the iPod then you sat down on the couch. Where did you put it?"
-"Here, I'll find it for you."  He stands up, walks across the room, then puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out the iPod. My dad starts cracking up. He puts it on the desk then sits back down.
-"There, see! I put it on the desk."
I thought to myself, unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.

Despite the frustration, I just laughed. What a way to live life, with him in it.
I just can't imagine it without him.  He swept me off my feet, that's for sure. 

Marriage has it's difficulties, but the rewards are so great.  Jed is my companion, he is the other half of me.  If he's not happy, my heart cries. If he is smiling, I can't help but feel relief. 
And when he pushes my buttons, I pinch him.  Haha.

I'm so excited to grow old with him. That way we can make fun of each others wrinkles.

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Brady & Kelsey said...

hahaha cute!!! it's too bad we weren't closer in Rexburg :(