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I absolutely {LOVE} this little face.  This is lil Jed a YEAR ago. His face has changed so much. (And needless to say he's grown a few inches taller.)

This week is going to bEe a buzzzzy one.   On the 8th we are moving back into an apartment. No more house. No more backyard. ;'(  and no more HUGE bill that we really can't afford that I'm struggling to cover!   DEEP BREATH... 

Not only that, but I'll be continuing to work on a fun website... My little blog business has really eXpL0dEd!  If you haven't checked it out recently, you should. (/just so you can say you did\)


So I'm a really big dork and actually care about these things- but I would like to fill you in on something REALLY COOL!  It truly is VERY COOL and I think you are about to BE AMAZED!!

Are you ready?

Okay- then .... click HERE!

Wow! Did you click it? If so, do you see what Blogger is evolving to?  These layouts are thanks to AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3. Code couldn't get any cooler.  

Learn more about the five new templates for Blogger. 
You can't set your blog to this template yet, but you will be able to soon!

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