Update time!

Big Jed:  Right now hubby is walking to school in the rain.  We live just 2-3 blocks from his classes, so he walks everyday. But today it's raining!  He would take the car, except the fact that we don't have a parking permit.  So, he'll be a little wet.  He's a trooper.  This is his LAST semester! He graduates in December. I'm so proud of him.

Madeline:  I'm at home this semester with the kiddos. Last semester I took a campus class, but I'm not doing anything this semester.  I spend the daytime trying to keep up with diapers, snack time, and my design clients. I'm really blessed to be able to work from home and raise my boys.  We've moved and love our new apartment. 

Little Jed:  He turns two-years-old in October.  He's found a new love: Pixar.  He watches the movie Cars especially everyday. Sometimes twice a day. He calls it "kaw-kars." He wouldn't really sit through a movie before, but now he will sit through the whole thing!  I never thought that I would have to say "Okay, now it's time to turn off the TV and do something else."
We just took him out of his crib. He sleeps on a just a crib mattress. I thought it would be a hard transition, but he took it pretty well.  It's been a week now, and he has no trouble staying in his bed when it's nap or nighttime.
This is also day 3 without a bottle. (He loves his bottle.) But he seems to not notice that I've been giving him milk in a sippy cup. How come I didn't do these things a long time ago!?

Robbie:  He is 9 months old. A chunker, for sure. It's so funny, one of his thighs has a chubby crease, and the other one doesn't.  I guess I assumed that chubby legs would be symmetrical. He used to sleep through the night on his own. But after we went on vacation, he forgot how to.  So it's been tiring trying to get him to relearn how to fall and stay asleep on his own.
He's such a momma's boy!  He loves to cuddle.  That is definitely different than Lil Jed, who rarely cuddled.

I'm so happy that we are all healthy and safe.  There are so many things happening in the world that scare me.  The recent hurricane on the east coast, the flooding in Pakistan... can you imagine if any of that happened to you?  Our prayers go out to all those in need of help and comfort.

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