All Hallow's Even

Did you know that Halloween used to be called "All Hallow's Even?"  Heh. Who knew. 

I cherish this time of year.  The end of summer, sweet treats with the boys, and fun movies to watch at night with the hubby. 
We went to a Halloween party last Saturday night at the Schuerchs  and it was too fun. They made all the candy and treats! We carved pumpkins too! It was awesome. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them! Can't wait to go the Woolley's for their Halloween get-together. 

Looking for a quick, cheap, and easy Halloween treat?  Budget Savvy Diva gave me this GREAT IDEA!
They are Frankenstein Pudding Cups.  Green dye in vanilla pudding with crushed up oreo on top! Then just draw on Franky faces  {sorry mom} with permanent marker.
Too cute, too fun! and too EASY!!  So you have no excuse not to make them right?

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