Cute lil Boys!

Lately Robbie has had such a spicy attitude! He'll just scream as loud as he can if he has a toy taken away or if he has to lay down in his playpen for nap time. This morning I came to pick him up and he was STILL screaming at me. Turns out how he had a pretty good diaper-rash. Poor fella.
Most of the time he is mellow, so seeing him scream is quite surprising.
These kids are too cute together. They like to play with toys together.  Lil Jed isn't the best at sharing. We're still working on that one. ;)  From left to right is Robbie, Jeddie, and Triston.  {Kari, is it spelled with an o or a?} He came over to be our birthday buddy.

This lil guy is one month younger than Jed and will repeat almost any word you say. He is so smart! Here are a few words he said that surprised me: "Happy Birthday" "Belgium" "London"  & "tractor">in French! 

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