Ol' friends, and some good ol' advice

I'm excited to go get me some KiwiLoco frozen yogurt tonight.  I'm going with some ol' friends from Arkansas.  My friend Natalie, and her cousin Kaylee. They are both dear friends that I love!  In fact Kaylee's mom and my mom were friends when they were in high school! How fun! 
They are always so fun to be around!

Jed is still earnestly looking for a job. We have a couple of leads and hope that they pull through.  The thing about getting an interview, is you really have hardly any control. (Especially if you don't have anyone to network with.)  We do the best we can {such as a shiny resume and fool-proof cover letter}  but the rest is up to where-ever we are applying.  He is graduating with a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Finance.  He graduates in just 1 month! ONE?  Wow.  It will be sad to leave this fun college town {that is super cold(like 33 degrees cold)} but we're happy to keep moving on in life. It's interesting to see how much we've grown and what we've learned.  Here are some things I've learned while being poor college students and parents:
  • how to cook dried beans
  • how to cloth diaper
  • how to walk everywhere when we run out of gas
  • how to change our own car-oil
  • how to give to others when we have so little
  • how to shop at thrift stores
  • how to save money  (ha! we're not the best at this, still learning!)
  • how to be all entrepreneur -ish 
I'm not kidding! We've learned so much. We are so young, and will continue to learn.  Can you imagine, when we're old, how much we would have accumulated in our brain? No wonder old people forget.  So much is shoved into their brain, some things start falling out!    What's really cool is that Jed (hubby) is learning how to save and invest money, the right way!  I'm excited to apply these principles to our life so that managing money isn't such a mystery.  I watched a funny skit from SNL with Steve Martin, it's this: 

Seriously? How true is this skit? How many times have I tried to buy something I can not afford?  Hmmm....
But I am getting better! Especially with the advice from this book:
One thing this book engrains in my brain is:  "A part of all I earn is mine to keep."  Not mine to spend, but mine to keep. SAVE. at least %10 of what you earn.   Why would someone ever just save their money?  When I got money as a little girl, the first thing I did was buy another beanie baby to add to my collection.

But now- I know better.  Of course I can't save all the time.  It seems like bills eat up my entire savings every 3 months or so. But I'm in college!  Soon hubby will have a steady job and bills will be controllable(if our spending is under-control).

If there is anything I've learned so far in my short life, it's live more simply.  Because:


Kaylee Mariah said...

I had so much fun getting kiwi loco with yall last night!!! We need to do it again before you leave. Love you!

Madeline said...

Kaylee, I had fun too! Poor people sitting next to us within earshot probably got a little too educated HAHA but it was fun.
I'm excited to have you help me paint my nails. They are in desperate need of your skills!!