Fiesta this Christmas

Yipeee! My mother found the Fiesta Ware at Kohl's on sale!  They have so many different colors, so she got these four place settings! (Tangerine, Sunflower, Lemongrass, and Turquoise)  I've only had white dishes up to this point, so this will be a fun change! Can't wait to open up this gift.

Today is our last Sunday here in Rexburg.  We'll miss you all! Just 5 more days til Jed graduates!!


Tyler and Kelly said...

BOO for you leaving

Erin Christina said...

I love these dishes!! I have never owned them but I work at Kohls and I love when people buy them. Someone just the other day got one of every color. They are a very popular dish set and when they go one sale they are a super grate deal!! I am happy you have them!! Color is fun!!