Jed in the Snow

He's growing up way too fast.


This past week

Hubby's parents came to visit and it was a lot of fun having them around this past week.  They were so in love with Robbie- it was so cute. I mean, who couldn't? Look at this cute face!

This week we discovered lil Jed's favorite thing to do... play in the snow!!  He would stay out there for hours if we let him... but it's a wee bit too cold for that.
Last Sunday was Robbie's blessing day. It was so sweet to spend time with family. Don't you love it when there are so many cameras you don't know which one to look at? That was us!! In this picture it's obvious that lil Jed is not a fan of holding Robbie... hahahhah!



I got the opportunity to take pictures of a precious angel yesterday. Her name is EmmaLine.  Here is a preview of the pictures I'll be posting later...


Busy Day!

Today was so great! I'll have to make just a real quick post and write more later... but I'll entertain you with pictures until then---
Candace's birthday... Vanilla Icecream Cake- yum!!!

Playtime after church with Aunt Elle!! He lOVES! wearing her glasses...

And this is what I'll have to write more about later too...  Today was Robbie's (baby Jay) blessing day. It was so sweet... I can't even describe how I feel about the whole thing.  So much family came out to be apart of his special day.  It was wonderful to be with them all.
Jed's family flew in last night.  We'll have a fun week with them! I'll post pictures of our adventures together!


Recipe for a good morning

Yes, I know that everyone has their own recipe for relaxing,
but here is what I enjoy once the kids are napping...

Nice lighting,
 a warm blanket,

 and good reading.

Nap time works wonders for me.


Mr. Blue Sky

This morning was great! We all slept in til 9- 
something that NEVER happens (or hasn't happened yet). I woke up so refreshed to a bright blue sky- 
that I just had to grab the camera. Weird, I know, but hey!
It floats my boat. Because the sky is normally gray this time of year, 
you have to take advantage of any blue sky you get.

I wanted you to see how truly blonde his hair is... it never really comes out in the pictures. 
But I tried to get the lighting just right this time...



Alright! Bring out the bragging rights. I have such a cute little boy... and putting him in the snow makes him even cuter... Sure I spare the expense of making his little nose cold. But I don't mind!! He doesn't mind either- he cries every time we bring him back inside. He just absolutely loves it out there. I do too, when I'm cooped up inside all day.  I mean... 3 or 4 inches of snow daily--- it builds up! 

He loves just sittin' in it.  That cutie-patootie.


Rockin' Daddy's Hat

Little Jed loves to sport around Dad's hat that he got for Christmas.  I have to admit... it's pretty darn cute on him. Wouldn't you say?


Why boys are so much fun!

 Lil Jed got megablocks for Christmas- and it is so much fun to see big Jed and lil Jed playing together. Together they build:

Scorpions preying on unsuspecting mice,
Squeak squeak

Horsies that stick their tongues out,
 And lions with attitude.
 Believe it or not, lil Jed is pitching another fit...

 While Robbie (baby Jay) is swinging safely in his swing.
 Okay... now isn't this face pitiful?  Jed is 15 months old and all he does is whine all day long. Ask my mother- she came to visit recently and I felt like that's all Jed did while she was here. Whine for this, whine for that...  cry cry cry, pitch a fit!
Big Jed and I are desperate for a solution! Did anyone else have this problem with their one year old, or maybe when they introduced a new child into the family?