Too tempting...

It seems as if when Robbie goes on Dad's shoulder... it's just too tempting to start. to. fall. asleep....


Ridiculously yummy

This is ridiculously yummy for how ridiculously simple it is.

Layer strawberry jello, low-fat yogurt, moooorrrre strawberry jello, and whipped cream. Tada!

And anybody who's anybody can do that!


Aunt Elle was able to snag this cute picture with her phone while she was babysitting the boys a few days ago. I'm so grateful for cameras on phones at times like this. I would have never seen this sweet moment were it not for Elle's quick skills with the camera-phone...

Thanks Elle Smelly

Zoie and Poppy

My cousin just had her twin girls Zoie and Poppy. Honestly I can never tell which one is which when it comes to twins... but aren't they just darling? I'm so happy for her! She and her husband deserve the best little children God could give anyone... and it looks like they got them!

Sneezes & Tomato Soup

We've all been sneezing like crazy.  It seems that  Old Man Winter sends both the cold snow and the head cold.  Lil Jed is such a trooper though!  Look at him eating his tomato soup!  Haha. He still hasn't mastered the spoon--- but he's even closer!

Look at all those teeth! He now has 16.  Yowza!


Fussy chunkiness

Haha, I love his fussy chunkiness. 

I just can't get enough of it.



He's learning how to use the spoon. It's a process, that's for sure! But hey! He gets the idea!

I finally got around to it!

It seems like it takes me forever to get to the projects that I have planned. 
It probably has something to do with kids, work, and school...
but I should still be able to get to it don't you think? The first project on my to-do list was
to cover the pillows that come with the couches I ordered. You know 
how they come with the standard "designer" pillows... well that designer just "designed" them a little too ugly for my tastes. So I replaced them with a beautiful fabric I 
found at a lovely craft store here in town. Replaced as in just covered with 
a simple envelope pillow case... but it sure does make a difference!

I love it... it's so me!  Our living room sure has come a long way! 


sneak peek!!!

I'm stoked about my new furniture that FINALLY came in. Here is a sneak peek of just the love seat. I'm recovering the pillows tonight, so I'll show you those soon! I'm super duper excited!

Here is another reason I'm hippity hoppity happy...
Jed got an interview last week for an internship here in town. If he gets it, it will turn into a full-time job with benefits! Benefits as in a free apartment downtown! We walked through the apartment already. It needs a lot of tender love and care, but it will be fabulous after we're done with it!

Hmmmm I think I'm missing something. Oh yeah! Happy Valentines Day!

Wait!!! Now I remember what I forgot...

Look at that baby! That's my (soon-to-be) 2010 Chevy Traverse...  Of course I'm not going to get my hopes up, but ummmm Chevy HERE I COME!


Valentines Day is 4 Days away!

Grandma sent these beautiful sweaters in the mail for Valentines Day! They are sooo cute! I love the little puppies on them! Don't you?  It looks like they'll fit for a while!!!

He is pointing saying "baby... babeeeeee...."

I was surprised by how well Jed was holding Robbie Jay. I think he really loves his baby brother! I love his baby brother, too hehheeh!  He's really chunking up!



It's 11:36pm and I'm tired. Der.
But the reason why I. am. writing. is. because. I. want. to vent.

Dear certain Furniture Store,

I dislike you right now. I ordered my brand spankin beautiful new furniture from you 3 1/2 weeks ago...
and I would gladly pay the bill I received promptly in the mail today if I actually had furniture to show for it.  Yes, that's right. I don't have any furniture from you.  Hmmm, why is that you ask? Because you misplaced my order and when you finally placed the order, you ordered it from the wrong side of the country...  And that wrong side of the country didn't even have the furniture I wanted.  And so my 1 week waiting time (which I thought was silly in the first place) has moved to 4 weeks. And I still have to pay an extra $89 for delivery. 4 weeks. 4 weeks?  I can eat a WHOLE watermelon in less than that time- and trust me, I dislike watermelon.


Tired and disgruntled Me

- - - - - - - -  - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - -  -
There that feels better.  Do you think if I sent that to them that it would get my point across?

Oh well... Lifes a watermelon.

Do you like my sad depiction of watermelon? 


We do things a little differently...

We do things a little differently here in the Mele Manor...

We eat desert for dinner...

And we refuse to play with toys, only plastic bags here!