All Hallow's Even

Did you know that Halloween used to be called "All Hallow's Even?"  Heh. Who knew. 

I cherish this time of year.  The end of summer, sweet treats with the boys, and fun movies to watch at night with the hubby. 
We went to a Halloween party last Saturday night at the Schuerchs  and it was too fun. They made all the candy and treats! We carved pumpkins too! It was awesome. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them! Can't wait to go the Woolley's for their Halloween get-together. 

Looking for a quick, cheap, and easy Halloween treat?  Budget Savvy Diva gave me this GREAT IDEA!
They are Frankenstein Pudding Cups.  Green dye in vanilla pudding with crushed up oreo on top! Then just draw on Franky faces  {sorry mom} with permanent marker.
Too cute, too fun! and too EASY!!  So you have no excuse not to make them right?


Hilary Weeks- "Beautiful Heartbreak"

This song speaks to me so much. I'm sure everybody can relate to this song. Some more than others?

Make sure that you are thankful for what you have. You have so much!


Man-eating Bunnies

Today was an ADVENTURE! We went to a straw maze, pumpkin patch, and petting zoo!
We had so much fun together!

I seriously got lost.  Not even kidding. I think I was in there for 3 years actually. 

But I made it out just in time to see Robbie playing with the pumpkins.


Robbie got stuck!
This llama was very wise. He just sat there. And stared at me. The WHOLE time.

There were piggies, horsies,
And bunnies. Lil Jed was a tad-bit intimidated by the man-eating bunny.

It's almost Halloween! muWAHhaHAhaHA


I turn away for one second...

I turn away for one second... {Okay. It was more like 20 seconds} and this is what happens!
Purple crayon on the floor. Purple crayon on the bookshelf. Purple crayon on Robbie's arm. Purple crayon on the chair.  And Purple crayon on the table.

Can you tell how proud he is? We left right away to go stock up on Magic Erasers.

We just laugh!


Raw chicken

I hate this. This is so offensive. Touching this thing gives me goosebumps. The bad kind.
I can't believe that people even cook this thing! I mean, have you touched a raw chicken lately?
I had to manhandle this thing last Wednesday for a Honey Roast.  Normally it's no problem because Jed does all the rinsing and gutting for me.
But this time, he was gone. At school. No where near enough to save me from this raw nightmare.
Can you tell that I really don't like touching raw chicken? Good.

 But of course, after I take a bite- I forget my fear and remember why God put chicken on this Earth.


Jamba Diva

He's 2. He likes Jamba Juice.
He'll take away your smoothie
and never give it back to you.

He is the Jamba Diva. word.


I am Sooo not perfect.

But, who is?  This mess in the hallway is case-in-point. I'm not very good at cleaning the hallway. Jeddie LOVES putting his stuff outside his room. If you are feeling down because you see other people's "perfection," here is a refresher:
Mommy REALITY: Messes. And plenty of them.

Cute lil Boys!

Lately Robbie has had such a spicy attitude! He'll just scream as loud as he can if he has a toy taken away or if he has to lay down in his playpen for nap time. This morning I came to pick him up and he was STILL screaming at me. Turns out how he had a pretty good diaper-rash. Poor fella.
Most of the time he is mellow, so seeing him scream is quite surprising.
These kids are too cute together. They like to play with toys together.  Lil Jed isn't the best at sharing. We're still working on that one. ;)  From left to right is Robbie, Jeddie, and Triston.  {Kari, is it spelled with an o or a?} He came over to be our birthday buddy.

This lil guy is one month younger than Jed and will repeat almost any word you say. He is so smart! Here are a few words he said that surprised me: "Happy Birthday" "Belgium" "London"  & "tractor">in French! 

Happy Birthday lil Jed!

I'm so happy that I have a cute little two year old! Lil Jed turned two today! I remember when he was born, it was like yesterday! You will probably read me type this a million times on my blog: "Time flies so fast." It does! I want to cherish every moment I have with my little babies, because they won't be little forever.

We made a dairy-free cake just for Jeddie to enjoy! I definitely could use a lesson in "dairy free" baking. But he seemed to enjoy it!


Are you my little pumpkin?

He IS my little pumpkin!