Brave little babies

Today we went to a local play-place. They had a little toddler area that we let the boys play in for an hour. It was so cute to see "Nanner" and "Pops" 
play with the boys on the slides.
There he goes!
Robbie and Jeddie were fearless on the slides. They would climb up and go down all by themselves if we let them!
The ball pit was a big hit too.  Robbie would kick with his feet and Jeddie would act like he was swimming. It was sweet. Makes me excited for putting them in the kiddie pool this summer. 
Hope you all had a great Saturday today, we sure did!


Wish this happened everyday!

Jeddie's such a cute lil napper.


Jed is working at a dealership selling cars. He's doing really well and is enjoying it!  Still sending out resumes to places, but haven't heard anything yet.  Something will come up eventually.  He is starting to get the cold we all have.

I have a cold and I'm sniffling and sneezing every five seconds.  Yes, its annoying, haha.  I'm working at home still, enjoying being home with the boys!

Jeddie is 27 months and 31 pounds! He's still on a no-milk diet and it seems to be helping with his toddler-diarrhea.  He's pretty much over his cold, which is nice!

Robbie is 13 months and 25 pounds.  He drinks whole milk now. No more formula! (yay!)  Now if I can just get him off that bottle... . He loves running around and chasing his big brother.

I'm dreaming of going on a cruise this summer. Haha, do you think it's possible?


our lil' livingroom

Don't be fooled. It hardly ever looks this put together. But when it does, I cherish it. There are normally toys, diapers, movies, sippy cups, and books spread all around. 
But that's okay. I cherish those moments too.


He desperately wanted to take the picture.  
He's tired of being on that side of the camera. 

He climbs in my lap and I turn the camera towards both of us. Much better!


Robbie the cutie patootie

He is 13 months and getting so big. He is almost as tall as his big brother.  He recently got weighed and is a whopping 26 lbs! I knew he was heavy, but I didn't know he was that heavy. Jeddie only weighs 5 lbs more!  Last week he started full on walking. He's been trying to walk for a while, but now he walks everywhere! No more crawling for him! I love how he still has his baby face.
He has become quite the picky eater too. Picky picky picky.  And he screams like a bird. It's a piercing scream that's reaalllly high-pitched... but he is super duper cute.

Love you Robbie! 


Happiness in a Box

I had a rough morning, but I am not forgotten! Some sweet ladies came to visit me and brought Maggie's brownies.
It tastes sooo gooooood.  I love chocolate.
Can you see it just getting smaller and smaller?    Oh. all gone.

But don't worry!! There's MORE!

And there you have it. Happiness in a box.


"...eyes brightened by the exercise..."

Me Alli and Lindsey went on a hike today!

I love these girls!

The rocks were really mind-boggling. And the water was crystal clear!
Bet you didn't know I could walk straight up a rock wall.
We walked, and walked, and walked, and walked... for five miles actually.

Beautiful, even in the winter time.
Lindsey's still beautiful in the winter time too!

And of course Alli's always a sweet ball of sunshine!

Always friends.
It's nice bein back and seein all my family and friends again. I've got to enjoy it while it lasts!
We missed you Kendl Jo!

P.S. I miss all my Rexburg friends and family....  Becca, Elle, Candace, Timmie, Kelly, Michelle, Lauren, Kari, Mary, Ashton, Katie, and Emily you too! Hope you're enjoyin the cold without me. Ha.



I love being Mommy. I am so grateful for my boys!  There are definitely times when it is hard though. Heck, it's hard everyday actually.  Like today. We went to an appointment and were sitting in the lobby. Just me and the two boys.  Lobby full of people.  We had been waiting for 45 minutes.... Jeddie decides he wants to blow his nose.  So he takes a wipe and "blows his nose."  I say "Okay now hand it to mommy" he then pauses and thinks.  Then he throws it at the lady next to us.  It hits her in the face and lands in her lap. This "lady" happens to be a girl from my high-school, we never really got along. 
This was the look on her face.
I'm not even kidding. I was mortified at first. But "oh well" I thought. Kids will be kids. She handed it back to me like it was diseased or something. 
This was the look on my face.

And of course when it was time to go Jeddie did NOT want to leave. I had to drag him out kicking and screaming. Yes, I literally dragged him out. 

And at the end of the day:

I'm pooped.