"...eyes brightened by the exercise..."

Me Alli and Lindsey went on a hike today!

I love these girls!

The rocks were really mind-boggling. And the water was crystal clear!
Bet you didn't know I could walk straight up a rock wall.
We walked, and walked, and walked, and walked... for five miles actually.

Beautiful, even in the winter time.
Lindsey's still beautiful in the winter time too!

And of course Alli's always a sweet ball of sunshine!

Always friends.
It's nice bein back and seein all my family and friends again. I've got to enjoy it while it lasts!
We missed you Kendl Jo!

P.S. I miss all my Rexburg friends and family....  Becca, Elle, Candace, Timmie, Kelly, Michelle, Lauren, Kari, Mary, Ashton, Katie, and Emily you too! Hope you're enjoyin the cold without me. Ha.

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Mary said...

Looks so beautiful!! I am jealous!!