Wish this happened everyday!

Jeddie's such a cute lil napper.


Jed is working at a dealership selling cars. He's doing really well and is enjoying it!  Still sending out resumes to places, but haven't heard anything yet.  Something will come up eventually.  He is starting to get the cold we all have.

I have a cold and I'm sniffling and sneezing every five seconds.  Yes, its annoying, haha.  I'm working at home still, enjoying being home with the boys!

Jeddie is 27 months and 31 pounds! He's still on a no-milk diet and it seems to be helping with his toddler-diarrhea.  He's pretty much over his cold, which is nice!

Robbie is 13 months and 25 pounds.  He drinks whole milk now. No more formula! (yay!)  Now if I can just get him off that bottle... . He loves running around and chasing his big brother.

I'm dreaming of going on a cruise this summer. Haha, do you think it's possible?

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Mary said...

That is so adorable! Thanks for sharing and for the update! That is awesome Jed found a job so quickly!