Brothers, best friends?

I hope these two grow up to be best friends! They probably will (that's the plan).  Right now they fight over toys and momma's lap- but then they hold hands and hug and kiss eachother too. Too cute for sure!! It cracks me up how Robbie's a lot shorter than Jeddie, I wonder if there will be a time when they are the same height.
I love them oober doober much.

Lately lil Jed has been trying to say "Yay, you/I did it!"  It is adorable and sounds like "Yaya deeditt"
This is an awesome improvement in his speech! He's never said that long of a sentence before.  Most of the time it's one or two syllable/word phrases, like "moe peas" (more please)
His absolute favorite word and toy is "Tractor!!!!!"  He pronounces like a pro, seeing how he says it 50 times a day.  3 a.m. he'll wake up and I hear him say "annanana tractor.... adandana tractor.... tractor... MOM!  TRACTOR!...... tractor?"  At the time it's kind of frustrating because I want him to be sleeping, but it sure is cute and makes me smile.  If he doesn't have a meltdown, he'll usually fall back asleep for another hour or two.  If he does have a meltdown and tantrum... he is up for a while. 
It's adorable when Robbie wakes up because lil Jed gets so excited when he sees Robbie for the first time:  "ROBBIE!  ROBBIE!! oh Robbie Robbie Robbie....... play????"
He also says:
"Er a go er a go?" (Where did he/it go?)
"a train a choo train train"
"food food mom food" 
"a b c e e ga k"  His alphabet song this morning
"didine" diamond
"oball" oval
"hot"  heart
"sucorl" circle
"sca"  square
"tisucorl" triangle
"sta"  star

He's great at pointing out shapes and his letters. In fact, he saw an easel at church leaning against the wall in the hallway the other day (it's like 5 foot tall) and he pointed to it and said "A!  A!" Big Jed and I looked at eachother and we both had the look of bewilderment on our faces. He is so smart!

Robbie now nods his head "Yes." Very helpful! I feel like I can actually communicate with him. I will ask him "Are you hungry?" And he says "sss"  and nods his head.  He is learning how to use a spoon, too!  This is about the age that Jeddie started using a spoon, I think.  He is rather good at it!
Robbie is teething a few teeth, and I think one just popped through. That would put him at 11 little chompers.  Don't accidentally leave your finger in his mouth too long when you are feeding him, he will bite it so hard!!!   Leaves a bruise every time. OUCH!

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