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Last night was the Relief Society Birthday Celebration. My mom worked so hard to make it special for everyone. She couldn't have done it without everyones help.  Thanks to everyone! You know who you are!!  We made little embroidered dishtowels to give to everyone that came.  I'll post pics of those when I can.  I'm stressed and have a lot on my plate. But one bite at a time, right? Man vs. Food- you know how to do it.  

lil Jed likes to pick his nose. Haha just kidding.  He loves to stay in his pajamas. We're learning his clothing preferences for nap time. If he's not in his pajamas for nap, he ends up desperately trying to take his clothes off, making a BIG mess in the process.  I'm sure you can picture it. Footed pajamas are his favorite.   We're definitely still on the gluten, casein, milk, lactose, peanuts, etc free diet.  He pretty much eats rice, corn, vegetables, and fruit. Poor kid.  But if we didn't keep these foods out of his diet, he would be so much harder to handle! He actually can take a bath without screaming.  Little things like that make such a big difference. 

Robbie got a hair cut!! NO!!! His hair was so cute, but it was getting too long. So it's gone now. I'll show pics soon. (pic shown was before haircut)  Speech therapy is coming along well! He is trying to learn banana (anana)! That makes 3 words he uses regularly!  His attitude has really shown today! He looks so sweet, but we call him our diva. If he doesn't get what he wants, he pitches a good fit. :) I thought he was teething 3 teeth, but he is teething 8, at once. Yes, you read that right. 8.  Can you imagine? I've NEVER heard of a child teething that many teeth at one time, have you?  No wonder he's been really touchy lately!

Hubby is out of a job right now. Its nice havin him home to help with the kiddos so I can work on blogs and websites but also a lil stressful.  Now all previous phonecalls/leads to jobs have come back No.  NO is a big word, so tiny- but a big impact.  But there are always new leads.  Right now he is applying for a desk job at a local college campus working with International Students.  Hopefully his language skills and degree will come in handy! 

We're so excited that General Conference is tomorrow. We get to listen to the prophet, and apostles and our other church leaders to speak to us. I know that the Lord has prepared these men and women to give answers to our prayers. We'll be listening over the Internet. I can picture our boys running around and playing the whole time, but that's okay!

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Mary said...

I'm sure a job will come up soon! It is stressful, but it all works out! You're boys are just so sweet- poor little robbie! I love hearing updates, they brighten my day!