Spring is coming!

The weather is so warm and lovely!  Grass is growing, flowers and trees are blooming... and birds are chirping (rather loudly, actually)
The sun feels good on our skin when we go outside and play.
Hey! Robbie stole my seat!

Yes! Success! Bahhamuwahaha

not for long...

Jeddie is 29 months. That's almost 2 1/2!
Robbie is 15 months.  That's crazy to think! I feel like Jeddie was just 15 months yesterday. 
In fact, here is a pic of Jeddie at 15 months old:
They look so different! :)  Jeddie was tall compared to Robbie, and definitely not as chunky! Wow, what a coincidence... in these pictures, they are wearing the same red shirt! Just now noticed that!

These boys are such a joy!

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