Easter Egg Hunt Party at the Crockett's!

We went to Aunt Carol and Uncle Jerry's house to have an Easter Egg Hunt. They run the SnuggleBug Cafe daycare and throw an Easter Party every year. I'm excited that we are here this year to be apart of it! We always like to sneak in for the little daycare parties they throw. They are so much fun!

 The boys hunted Easter Eggs like they had been doing it their whole life. They picked up those eggs and put them in the basket like professionals.  I thought surely they would sit with just one or throw them. But no! With a little direction, they filled up the bottom of their Easter bags with yummy candy Mommy is now enjoying while she blogs. (unfair isn't it)

And of course here comes the dreaded picture with the Easter Bunny. I say "dreaded" because what child always smiles every year for each costumed character photo-op? I haven't met one yet. Have you? Can you tell that Robbie was trying his hardest to get as far away from Kristen Farris, I mean the Easter Bunny, as possible?  Wooo! Great picture.


Mary said...

That last picture was priceless! I can't believe how grown up your boys are! Such cute pictures!

The Mele's said...

Thanks Mary! I love this picture too!! Robbie cracks me up!!