Getting ready for Easter!

Easter is just in a few days! Such a fun time of year, I love it all. 

We got this cute hanging petunia planter.  I'm a petunia pincher. When we bought the plant, it only had 3 stems producing flowers. Now look at it! All thanks to pruning (petunia pinching).  It's got a long way to go: my goal is to get it looking like a petunia monster.  
got chalk?

I like blowing bubbles. With bubble gum and with actual bubbles!!!

We got this fun chalk in an awesome package in the mail from Jed's parents today. They sent an Easter package full of candy, books, monster truck toys, and chalk.  love love love

Here's our little rose bush. It's so beautiful. I love it.  Everytime I see it, I can't help but feel a little calmer.  Which, right now- is nice!

AAAAAAAH  Our boys are growing up!!

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