The bunnies are everywhere!! They are taking over! I like them, they are so cute!

Jeddie loves looking for them "Raaaabeeed, oh Raaaaabitttt."  when he's not lookin for a snack that is.

hmmmm what's this? speaking of snacks....

big, red, juicy, delicious, nutritious.

and LOOK there's more! yep we're definitely being fruitful. LOL

we have such beautiful things growing! (inside and out!)

hmmm maybe this is why the bunnies are showing up in our yard:

There's a baby in there somewhere!!!!
19 weeks along, almost half way there!! Gosh I hope I'm not twice as big when the big day arrives, that would be uncomfortable- for sure.

we love you little munchkin! take your time though, momma needs some time with her boys before you come and shine with your cuteness. just 5 more months til you come join us! see you then!

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Janae' said...

You are so cute. I tried to talk to you on Saturday but I kept getting interrupted every time I would head your way! :(